I looked at the text message, and it gave me directions to find the backpack on the table and to use the marker in the pack to write the aspects that I needed to release. I took a deep breath; already, this session was hitting into my vulnerabilities, and it had only started 5 minutes ago. As I walked to the hotel room carrying 50 lbs of bricks on my back, I was reminded of the emotional baggage I allow myself to carry daily. Before I hit the room, I placed a blindfold over my eyes, loosened my sarong dress, and knocked on the door with the same rhythm my heart was knocking inside my chest. The door opened, and I heard Duncan’s deep but calming timber hit my ears as he welcomed me, took my hands, and ushered me inside. As soon as I crossed the threshold, I was given a warm hug and started on my inner journey. As I took each step, Duncan talked with me about how it was safe to let go of the outside world and my emotional baggage when I was ready, and that if I felt I needed it, then it would be right where I left it. I let go of reality, I let go of my baggage, and I let go of the dress that was open but hanging from my frame. I declared myself ready to enter the realm of being naked in every way.

I was told that my body and soul would be reborn that night, but first, it would require me to chip away the layers of my armor. I was guided to a table, and my armor began to chip away. First, the hard outer layer, then I was cleansed with a beautiful healing water, then the second softer but stickier layer, and once again cleansed. I could feel my chakras opening as each layer fell away. I began to see a beautiful iridescent light with my inner eye. Then Duncan became serious and asked if I needed to let go of anything else because whatever I brought into the rebirthing ceremony would be with me in this new life. I checked in and felt a deep penetrating constriction in my heart chakra that I had been struggling with throughout the session, but that was suddenly throbbing. Duncan assisted me in getting some movement and heart connection that allowed this dark sludgy armor to begin to release. I then completed this process with guttural screams that released a world of internal trauma. I felt Duncan’s hands as he began to share some beautiful healing energy with me and prepare me mentally and physically for this last part of my journey.

I was left sitting on the path to ponder my rebirth, to feel the energy coursing through my veins, and I had a feeling of my body floating and being one with the Universe. Duncan slowly took my hands, and with careful steps, I was led back to the center of the Earth. Here, I spread the earthiness all over my being but found that the more I tried to grasp, the harder it became. My guide reminded me that when we grasp at things, we find resistance. But if we go with the natural flow, it is effortless. For a bit, I tried going with the flow and then would find myself grasping and having to readjust. By this point, I was covered from head to toe and became one with my origins. I then stood up and cleansed again in healing waters, as I entered the next phase of my journey to a gorgeous blue pond of water. I was instructed to look down where I saw myself in the reflection, but it was as God created me… in pure love, light, and baggage-free. It was the perfect image of me in all my divine inner beauty. As I looked down, I could feel emotions rising in my chest when Duncan asked me to reach down and wrap this version of myself around my being. This new version began to become one with my body as the warm energy soaked into my skin, and a new energy started radiating from my body.

I spent some time soaking this feeling in and describing this newfound beauty. With a few deep breaths, I was led into a pool of water where I lay on my stomach and was encouraged to explore my new body and energy in a state of play. I hesitated… how? What does one do? It started very slowly but quickly; I was sliding around the space, I threw my arms about, I touched my breasts/hips/face/and pussy, and I laughed and laughed and laughed. I had warm water flowing onto my skin, and the stream then hit my yoni as the sensations shot through my body and made my entire body tingle. Though suddenly, I felt a heaviness creeping onto my body that prohibited my movements. I was not willing to give up on my playful dance, but the movement almost became impossible… I was simply running out of the room and became frustrated with my lack of playful movement. I was needing to leave this cozy, comfy, womb-like place if I wanted to keep exploring. With my guide’s help, I released myself from this place and moved into a warm bath that cradled my new body. While I lay there, I felt my spirit floating above me in a beautiful, mystical energy. I was new, I was pure, and I felt, at this moment, an unexplainable deep connection with the Universe.

After some time reveling in this feeling, I was invited back to reality where I refound my body, and my blindfold was removed. I blinked as a newborn baby blinks at the brightness of a new world and met eyes with my guide. His eyes spoke of unconditional love and regard as he looked upon me. It was the beginning of a new life and new way of being.

Thank you to my wonderful guide on my journey!

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