My alarm goes off…”I don’t want to get up, I’m SOOO cozy” I think to self! 
The other side of me yells that cozy as it might be that it’s time to start the day! 
No major life growth is ever made completely in your comfort zone and this currently is my comfort zone. 

The blankets have taken me as one of there own and I really don’t want to lose their trust…but up I get. 
Though it is a chilly morning and just because I am making myself a little uncomfortable by getting out of bed in this moment, it does not mean that I have to throw away ALL comfort. 

No! We need comfort and we need to provide this to ourselves at times. 

So I compromised… I got my lazy butt out of bed BUT
The electric blanket came with me as I sat in my office space where I journal, write, and do all the things 🙂

This IS a silly example but a true example about how when looking at changing something in our lives that might be difficult we think that it HAS to be hard. 

And in truth when we think something HAS to be hard…IT IS! 
If we think that making money is hard…it is!
If we think finding a partner is hard… it is!
If we think good sex is hard to come by… it is! 

Our thoughts play a huge part in how we view and what manifests into our lives…
But I digress from my message for the day…

Sometimes we also think that we have to give away all comfort, joy, and fun in order to make a change. We enable what psychologists and therapists call black or white thinking…

This is when you think in extremes. It has to be one end of the spectrum or the other. There is no in-between land. 

If we are saving money then we can never buy anything fun
If we are changing our diet then we can never have the foods we desire
If we are having intimate sex then we can never have a fun quickie again

And this extreme thinking keeps us from changing. 

Sometimes we do make changes that in the moment don’t seem to leave us any comfort but we know they are needed. 

But in truth we can have comfortable things/experiences outside of our comfort zones. They just may not be the exact comfort your are wanting. But if they are aligned then they will lead you to a more fulfilling and comfortable life… which you will eventually push out of because it will become a comfort zone! ?

Though how do we find the comfort outside of our comfort zone?

#1) We take stock of the blessings and gratitudes in the moment! That is always #1. Finding gratitude for the inevitable comforts that you actually already have (heart-beating, breath in lungs, body, etc.)

#2) Look at where you can bring more joy in and develop new things that bring that warm fuzzy feeling… Ex. was that I dragged my blanket with me this morning and made my warm coffee that gave me that feeling

#3) Look inside… if you are doing something aligned and for your greatest and highest good then you will find comfort in that! Find comfort in the fact that you are loving yourself enough to do what is best for you. 

#4) If it is REALLY uncomfortable and something that you can ease into then that might be an option. So if you are bringing more exercise into your mornings…then maybe begin with 3 mornings a week instead of 7 mornings at first! Ease off the cliff instead of jump off the cliff. 

My question to you is… Is it worth it? Is getting out of your comfort zone and the benefits to your life worth it? 
Then stand strong in that faith and knowledge and sometimes you will have to kick your own A**! 

And sometimes you might be able to have it all and simply drag your blanket with you 🙂

From my warm and cozy little nest today to yours! 

Light, Love, & Blessings!

You want change! 
You want to live that amazing life!
You want to stop feeling so crappy! 
But you think you will make the change… tomorrow, next week…January 1st. 

Change Starts NOW!

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