You want it NOW
You want to see the money NOW
You want to see the expansion NOW
You want to see the relationship NOW
But the problem is that you aren’t ready NOW!!!

Although everything your heart desires is at your fingertips. Although you could switch your energy and open up to it at this very moment. This is an energetic possibility.
Let’s get real darling…
You’re human and while you can switch that energy up fast. There is still divine timing and expansion that needs to happen within. You are building!!!
You are coming into the energies that attract all these core desires into your very being BUT the more you try to rush it. The more you try to grasp for it. The more you are not tuning into your soul messages…
The further you are pushing it out.
You think that you need to have it NOW in order to be happy when it is the exact opposite.
You need to get in alignment with your happiness now and all will come to you once the energies are aligned. Once you stop grasping and get rid of the desperate energy.
As much as everything is available NOW that does not mean that YOU are available for everything NOW.
You have to find the trust and faith within self, soul, and God that everything is working out for you and that you truly are supported in the unseen.
You have to feel the passion and the power of the things that you know are meant to be yours!!!
But it is important that you ask yourself “WHY?”
Why do you desire the money?
Why do you desire the relationship?
Why are you looking to expand to that next level?
And then where can you create that FEELING
because we know it all comes down to feeling…
I see your passion
I sense your uncertainty though too
I sense your chaining of self
All you’ve ever had to do was be you… that is enough! Always has been and always will be!
But right now you are building.
And honestly, that’s a beautiful place
A place where you get to dream and create
A place where each day holds a new adventure and learning
A place where you expand self more with each moment
How exciting!
But the thing that will continue to hold you back is the uncertainty… the fear… the grasping! Watching the clock and waiting.
And most DEFINATELY the second-guessing of self.
Building is beautiful.
Because as soon as you let go…
It can unfold within minutes…
You can meet the person of your dreams
You can sell something that sells HUGE
You can find your mindset completely shifted by an interaction
You can have it within moments.
But right NOW you’re not ready.
You’re still building.
Still getting ready to be ready.
And that is beautiful too ❤️
Stop faking it and start living it!
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