Whoops, I forgot.
“I forgot to wear underwear for my session”
“I forgot to pay my bill”
“I forgot that we had something planned”
“I forgot to do my homework”
I forgot, I forgot, I forgot.
Something that has always been used as an excuse in people’s lives but has had an upswing over the last few months with everything going on in our society and world.
Some would say that maybe our minds are just so busy with other things and the chaos….
But I dare to share that…
I believe this is simply a lack of many wanting to take responsibility for their own manipulation and massive moments of ego.

Wanting to push it off on a level of presence instead of owning our inability to sit in the discomfort of our own behaviors.
It’s easier to say “I forgot” then to admit that you were trying to get something for free, wanted to push a sexual boundary, not wanting to share that you were about to impact someone else’s health, or was just not wanting to own your lack of desire to go/do/be somewhere.
This is a massive manipulative strategy to get others to give us what we want…
Whether that is to forgive us for bad behaviors or to at times even feel forced to break their own boundaries.
In this current busy crazy world there is, of course, moments when we truly forget things out of a lack of presence.
Which is an issue in itself, since our presence is a major component to our happiness, relationships, and life.
A lack of presence will place a block against our true feeling of fulfillment.
But we are not talking about forgetting to pick up milk on your grocery store run!
We are talking about how forgetting is used and abused to circumnavigate your own discomfort.
When someone consistently forgets to pay an invoice but isn’t funnily enough forgetting to book the appointments that come with that invoice.
When someone shows up to an energy-work sessions and conveniently forgets their undergarments (whoops, well I will have to then forget we have an appointment)
When someone forgets to tell you vital information that is imperative to your life and well-being.
When someone forgets to tell you that they are sick, have an STD, or something else that impacts your health.
And so many more examples.
But all should be forgiven because “you forgot!”
More times than not most people are simply trying to push past boundaries.
You are trying to get something for free
Get forgiveness after being caught
Or receive something you know is out of bounds for the other person.
“I forgot” in these instances is a massive way to trample over others and say they don’t matter to you. It creates a lack of value of others love, attention, and boundaries.
Check how you are using this manipulative and narcissistic manner of avoidance of others and self.
And if you are finding yourself “forgetting” more times than not than it might be time to take a long look in the mirror.
Are you guilty of this disgusting manipulation strategy?
Are you not bold enough to own yourself and your responsibility?
Grab the Fire Within!