Stop telling me not to care!
Stop trying to shut down my beautiful heart and growth.

I do care.
Stop saying that you should not give a f*ck about others thoughts and opinions. Stop saying that you shouldn’t care about another persons emotions.

I can’t stand up for not caring about fellow souls that I walk this earth with.
So when you share your thoughts with me…
When you express your emotions…
When you tell me where you feel hurt by me or lifted up by me…

I care.

When we shut down our care for others thoughts, opinions, and even feedback about us, we shut down our growth and our opportunity to learn and expand.

Those around us are mirrors and messengers for us.
If we hold an aloof, “I don’t care”, attitude we not only shut the energy of love and sharing off with another… we also shut off our ability to let that other person expand us.Also if we are constantly giving a “I don’t care” attitude off then others will stop trying to share feedback and also connect because the energy will shut it down before it has a chance to get off the ground.

So I can’t sit here and say that I don’t care…
Because my spirit cares about others.
I want them to share themselves.

Though I care about me more!

We can care about our fellow humans beings and still realize that their shiz is theirs and ours is ours.

We can care and still know that our path is our path and that we must a the end of the day listen to ourselves first.

It’s not about not caring about those around us…

It’s about tuning into self and your spirit above all else.
Yes, even above others opinions and thoughts.

It is your life and so only you can live it and you were not put here to do some crazy energetic dance making everyone els matter before you…

That will only lead to chaos… heartache… unhappiness…and disconnection from your soul!

We must listen to ourselves and inquire within about what is true for us and what is not.But it is okay to listen to another’s feedback and thoughts.

Because if you are strongly aligned with self and you know your own mind then another will not sway you from a soul aligned goal or view of yourself.

You only have to setup these walls of not caring if you are not strong enough within self. If you don’t have the trust within.

Caring does not mean changing…

We can care and still hold to our own path.

But the trouble comes in two different ways…
when we’ve set up walls of not caring so high that we lose perspective of ourselves and disconnect from the beautiful learning from the relationships all around us.

and when we aren’t assured in ourselves enough and so we lose ourselves to other people’s opinions, thoughts, and emotions.

It’s okay to care…

Caring means you’re human and you have a heart.
You can care and still stay in your own lane!

And always make sure to care about yourself more…
Because you still come first in this life.
And this is your life to live beautiful!

~Recover You Life!~

Love, Light, & Blessings,

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