Imagine walking into a brand new home.
You walk around and land in a brand new room….
You stand there looking at the walls, the floor, and all the empty space. Blank and ready to be filled.
Or imagine walking into a current room of your home. One that you are ready, and have the ability, to redecorate. You look around and see all that is there…
In both of these scenarios, you are most likely excited and thinking about all the magnificence things you can do to fill the room and make it feel good!!!

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You are not one thing… you are everything!

“Addison, you are a Bada*s”
“Addison, you are so spiritually connected”
“Addison, you are so shy!”
“Addison, you are so playful”
“Addison, you are so rigid”

Yep, I am ALL of those things! And so much more

And guess what???
You, my dear, are the same!

You might not be those specific things but you are a beautiful conglomeration of a multitude of different aspects.

Back when I was a full-time therapist I spent years studying a technique call psychodrama. Psychodrama is all about putting the drama of our inner psyche out in front.
Seeing it…
Re-creating it…
Dealing with it…

I still am in love with the methodology but one piece of this technique is something called a “Parts party”

It’s about seeing and working with all the different elements of who were are…


We are so much more than one thing!

In truth, even in our most authentic living and relating only certain elements will be drawn out based upon the scenario and energy.

This is the beauty of being human and why in relationships there is ALWAYS more to learn and know.
About self
And about other.

Just when you think you know someone and the relationship is getting boring… if you dive just a bit deeper…appraoch things in a slightly different way… get even a drop more of effort going…

You can uncover a beautiful new part!

Often we can find ourselves in ruts with those in our lives because we have stopped allowing ourselves to tap into different energies or parts of self in a relationship.

We get cozy and comfortable with the parts that come out and don’t push ourselves to find that deeper level of authenticity or new energies.

At the same time, we often stop seeing others in our own lives from a different perspective…

If we have seen someone as serious… we struggle to change perspective and see their play

If we see someone as strong and powerful… we miss the moments of softness and vulnerability

If we perceive someone as stuck or lacking in personal growth… we lose sight of all the expansive growth they are making that we are choosing to be blind to.

We get comfortable!!!

Yet, one area we do this in is our own relationship with self.

We lose sight that within us is a treasure trove of magical pieces. We can use these different aspects to move us forwards or to tear us down.

We must choose each day which “parts” we choose to live in alignment with…

Do you wake and choose to focus on the parts of self that come straight from soul or those that have been established from pure egoic experiences?

Do you awake and choose to live in alignment with the parts of self that lift you closer to your soul goals?

The difference?? One makes you feel GOOD. The other type just plain and simply DOESN”T!

We can not control if others choose to touch into our depth
But what we CAN CONTROL is…

If we tune into our own depth and from which parts we are choosing to live from in any given moment.


If we are open and allowing the fluid nature of ourselves then we are opening a door for others to see us in a different light.

If you get stuck thinking of yourself in a narrowly focused way then this is how others will respond to you.

So my question is not “who do you want to be” because the fact is everything you want to be you already ARE…

My question and focus for you is to ask yourself…

“What aspects of myself do I want to shine brighter today? Where will I allow myself to be seen for all that I am?”

Because all parts of you are beautiful and needed
And have made you into the spectacular human you are…

But growth requires us to constantly reexamine where we are leading from.

So where are you leading from today?

Go live a fierce and fulling life today!!
Addison Bell

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I sit on my patio starring up at the sky.
A handful of stars shine so incredibly bright that you can’t miss them.
But overall the sky initially just looks dark!
Though I sit…
and I sit…
and I squint…

Deeper into the sky.
Trying to see past all the glow from the city…
Suddenly dozens of stars are shining bright in my vision. Stars that fill a dusted sky.

I squint to see the hidden beauty
To see the depth and the divine radiance that takes just a bit of patience. Takes looking past the shadowy sky.

And I am reminded of the stars in each of our own eyes.
That light that can shine bright and be ever present…
The characteristics that are put right out front for the world to see…
And yes these characteristics are beautiful
But we often hide the true beauty and depth.

It would be one thing if others simply didn’t see that divine starlight in us…
But so many walk around never recognizing the starlight in THEMSELVES!

Never starring into their very own eyes
Into thier own souls to see the beauty that lies within

It is a majestic Universe brighter than anything we could see with our own naked eyes in a night sky

Our beauty and magic is so much more luminesce.

But we hide it in overly grounded humanness…
We allow our egos to stomp down any sparks of light.

Until we make a choice…
Yes, we either continue to allow the dimming or we bust through the heavy darkness.
We claim our vibrancy and purpose.
We claim our authenticity
We claim the spirit within self.
The God within self

Knowing that we were placed here for a reason
And our souls go back longer than the stars in the majestic sky.

We were meant to shine with complete luminescence!
So bright that it could light up a million skies.

But it requires taking the time…
Opening up our very core…
And looking deep within.

Within is the only way to find our very own radiance.

It requires just a moment of looking deeper…
Then continuing to look deeper each day
Past the shadows…
Past the comparison of other bright lights, we see in others
Past the fear
Past the doubt

Straight to our souls.
And then allowing that to flow from us at all points throughout our day…

Letting that energy fill us
Until we can not only see the light within us but we see the light within every other human soul.

We see that we walk around with STARS each and every day.
That we ARE STARS!

But first, you must see the starlight in your own eyes darling!
In this quiet moment
In your very heart.

You were meant to shine!!!!


Want to dive deeper and expand more?
Wanting to find more authenticity?
Until you begin to commit to your personal growth and desires they won’t commit to you. This client made massive changes in his life by simply beginning! It has been an honor to work with him but it all started with him filling out an application.
Free Micro-Consults being offered until July 22nd!

Caught in the feels.

Emotions are such as gift and guiding light to us as humans.

They tell us where we are aligned and what is going well in our lives.
They also tell us where we are out of alignment and where we need to continue to do our inner work.

Our emotions are with us at every moment of every day and truly give the juiciness to our lives.

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You dilute sex to a mere 30 seconds of high-intensity

Until you change your beliefs about your sex, your sex won’t change!

And one of these B.S. beliefs is that sex is about the finish line
About a 30-second climax that is edgy and highly intense
About that peak that leaves us pulling away moments afterwards because it goes from….

High pleasure to TOO MUCH…STOP!
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You have a problem. You have a problem that you’ve looked at for a very long time.
The problem isn’t getting any easier.
Yet you continue to stew, flipping it around this way and that in your mind.

You Bitch… Complain… Moan… Cry…
You might even get a little angry.
Then you end up in a state of begging.

You know something needs to change in your life in order for you to grasp onto your desire. You can feel it right at your fingertips but you never seem to quite grasp it.

So a part of you has stopped even trying and truly reaching out but your heart still desires.

You know you need to do something because the days are speeding quickly by and another year is quickly coming and going…

And yet things remain the same…

You haven’t found that relationship that you so desire to melt into. With that man/woman that drives you wild!

So you date…and you date…and sometimes even drop out of the game for a while. Never finding someone that sticks!

Your sex is stagnant and sure you might get the occasional climactic party but you know there is MORE!! You want those nights of endless passion and you want your partner to enjoy it too.

You might see others around you building their own businesses and climbing upwards in careers they adore.
Yet despite your inner desire for expansion, you feel stuck. You can almost taste the freedom and bliss that this next step would feel like in your career.

So you complain a little more…
You cry a little more…
You scream that you are going to commit

And yet you end up filling your time with other things that take you away from your true desires. You reach for the comfortable distractions that will allow you to feel like you are making progress.

But when things slow down and you have a chance to sit and think…
The regrets and desire feels like it’s eating you alive.

You look at the last few days, weeks, months, and yes, unfortunately… YEARS

Years where you have chosen not to make time for your dreams and thus your dreams have not made time for you.
Where you haven’t chosen to step in entirely.

Yes, you may have done a few things here or there and tried to convince yourself and others that you were really taking the reigns of your desires…

But if that were true…you wouldn’t be here now!

You never made the time to work on the internal and commit to changing your beliefs.
You allowed your ego to sneak into the background and tell you lies. Those little niggling lies.
You leaned into the comfort instead of the true growth
You didn’t truly believe in yourself and thus how could you believe in the desires that are coming straight from your very own heart and soul.

Instead of taking your goals and desires seriously and making time for them to expand…
Expand from a place of personal growth
Expand from a deeper connection to soul
Expand from a place of doing the damn thing

You focus everywhere but where you know you need to be focusing
You tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow
That it will all come together down the road

There is only TODAY!
No tomorrow
No “one day”
No “when I have the money”, “when the kids get older”, “when I have the time”, “when the magic f*cking motivation fairy comes down and attacks!”

If you want your dreams and that life you desire then you must choose it
Make time for it
And motherf*cking decide it is worth your attention and focus.

Go live a fierce & fulfilling life!


We all find ourselves at times in our lives

Times when we are not sure where to go or what the next right step is in life
Though we all have the strength and power to keep getting up each time we fall

To claim the amazing blessed lives that are waiting for us
To live out our desires

Getting someone on your side can be a huge guiding light!
Walk with you on the journey!!!

Let me share your journey with you…
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Yes, stop right now.
Stop and think to yourself…

Am I safe right now? Am I in any actual real danger?
Am I generally healthy at this moment?

And also think about if you are creating problems for yourself that are not real?
Are you worried about the future “what if’s”?

Most of us spend so much time focused in on what COULD happen and jumping down rabbit holes that rival Alice in Wonderland!

“I’m going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best!”
or thinking that by jumping down these imaginary rabbit holes
You are being responsible or saving yourself from discomfort later on down the road.

When in truth you are plain and simply stealing your joy from today and this moment.


By preparing for the worst you are only creating the worst.

This is elementary law of attraction principle!!
Wherever we put our attention is where our energy will go and the exact energy we will call into our lives.

If we are focused on what could go wrong then we will see how everything is going wrong.

But in truth in the Western world, this is how our entire lives as adults are set up.

We have health insurance… for WHEN we get sick
We have nest eggs… for IF the money flow dries up
We have life insurance… for IF something horrible happens
We tell our kids to have back-up plans for WHEN their dreams don’t work out.

From a young age, we are taught that to be responsible is to watch out and prepare for the worst
but what often we don’t learn is about how our energy and focus truly dictate the way in which our lives progress.

It is ingrained that we think about all that could go wrong

Oftentimes losing touch with our current moment and the fact that…
Most of the time we are MORE THAN OKAY!!!

We take a fun and exciting moment
A moment of connection
A moment of being embodied with self
A moment of noticing the blessings

And we instead redirect to all that could go wrong:

He/she could leave us
Our job could fire us
Lightning could strike our home
We could get into a car accident
We could not have enough money to get by
And so on…

All possibilities!

But the possibility is also there that…

Our job could promote us
That person could be truly in love with us and desire to stay long-term
Our health could be vibrant
Money overflowing

We often choose the rabbit holes of negativity…
Where our worlds come crashing down

Today I listened as someone I love went down a crazy deep rabbit hole…
To the point that it would not have been truly loving to allow them to continue.
They got angry with me about calling them out on their current massive catastrophic thinking.
Taking a small paperwork mistake and turning it into literally their entire life falling to shambles.

“You just don’t understand! I have to prepare for the worst here”

I lovingly shared that what I DID understand was that in that exact moment…
Everyone around was healthy
Everyone was safe
That by worrying about all the what if’s that were out of our control would simply be…

Borrowing trouble and causing stress and strain in the current moment that was not actually present.

We are brainwashed to think of the worst
Not to imagine and expect the best

And those that choose to do so are often seen as idealists, irresponsible about their futures, or plain “weird”.

Though when we choose to be in the NOW
When we choose to think about what could go right
Our lives transform for the better.
We see beauty and miracles all around us.

And if something comes into our sphere that isn’t desirable we are able to see it from a less stressful perspective and remain out of useless rabbit holes.

Don’t prepare for the worst!
Prepare for the best!

Live a Fierce & Fulfilling Life!


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I c*ck blocked my own flow!

Yesterday I had a PLAN.
I had a LIST.
I was determined to sit my butt down and get my top 5 things checked off the list.

I was in a feel-good mood and didn’t THINK I was approaching anything with “must get done” energy. Though as I walked through each element on my list I found small nuances blocking the completion.

One task that was supposed to take 30mins tops took me hours because I kept running into tech issues and other distractions.

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