You have the most beautiful soul.
Look into the depth of your eyes and you will find your core.
Deep down beyond all the drama and trauma.
Past the ego and the protective layers.
That is where you are.
That is who you are.
This egoic world pulls you this way and that…
Telling you who you are and what you are.
Pointing fingers and taking blame.
Beating up others and ripping apart from self.
Allowing the energies around you too slow transform you away from that person beneath the surface that is your truth.

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The beautiful blues took my breath away!

The smells were taking over my senses and the sun on my skin.

I could almost hear the waves striking the rocks on the shore.

It was a moment of immense peace in a challenging day.

Because all of this was done in my living room as I looked upon a multitude of oceans from my previous travels.

Instead of simply longing to be there, I created the feeling in the moment.

I took a 2 minute vacation!

I could have gone there longer but I found the feeling I was desiring and I hung there for long enough to shift my internal energy. Read more


𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒞𝑜𝓊𝓇𝒶𝑔𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓉𝒽𝑒𝐼𝓃𝐵𝑒𝓉𝓌𝑒𝑒𝓃

You know those times after you’ve had some massive realizations and started to make changes in your world.

Specifically in your inner world.

The times AFTER you’ve spent days, hours, and weeks really processing, learning, and opening your heart and mind to take in the new information.

This is often the tine when you need the most courage on your journey.

Yes, it takes courage to see your own shiz and face it. It takes courage to make the decision to truly choose a new direction or path.

But the in-between space of beginning to practice and implement in the most courageous time of all. It is truly what sets those who achieve and those who do not achieve apart. Read more

TᕼE Oᒪᗪ ᗯOᗰᗩᑎ TᕼᗩT ᑕᕼᗩᑎGEᗪ ᗰY ᗪᗩY!
The self-analysis was strong with me this morning!
I woke up in a strange energy and knew I needed to give myself some space for processing of some recent realizations.
So instead of forcing myself to do work that was not aligned, I ended up at my favorite park.
Despite trying to pull my brain back to my body and the present moment….
Off it ran during the walk to criticize myself about some recent situations. I ended up in complete analysis paralysis.

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YOᑌᖇ ᐯOIᑕE Iᔕᑎ’T TᗩᗷOO

You want change and success but you’re scared to speak
You’re afraid to open up to your heart, your soul, and that childlike state deep within, that is a piece of who makes you, YOU.

You choose not to share your voice calling it taboo…
Whether that’s a topic in a relationship, a business idea, or even being you.
Because underneath you think YOU, are the real taboo!

You don’t want to be “too much”, “too crazy”, “too needy”, “too emotional”, “too real”

And so you have crammed yourself into being LESS
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It’s all connected…

Everything in your world.

And usually all your “struggles” come down to the same 1-3 toxic belief systems.

Our lives are tantric in that everything is interwoven.

Yesterday, I sat journaling my heart out on several different explorative prompts. See with the down time with the Texas storms I decided to hard hit my personal growth work and took on several different books/courses and they have all led me back to my journal!

I sat journaling about business…..

I sat journaling about personality traits…

I sat journaling about my ideal man….

I sat journaling about ideal relationships overall…

I sat journaling about money….

And then to end all with some hypnosis to concretize the whole thing!

And while there was some really powerful unique realizations and feelings in each area, the fact was that there was a connective thread through every single journaling exercise.

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Ladies!!! Let’s Get REAL!
Like, really REAL.
You are NOT a Goddess or Queen or Badass!!
At least that’s not what you are showing the world.
Not showing those around you.
Let’s face it…
Maybe you once were rocking the queen energy…
And life has beaten you down…
lack of orgasmic sex

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“When we realize that we are all sinners needing forgiveness, it will be easy for us to forgive others.”- Mother Theresa, ‘No Greater Love’
The last few days I’ve spent time re-reading and meditating with one of my favorite books (“No Greater Love by Mother Theresa), to tap me into my heart and to Christ Consciousness.
The above quote, while simple, is so very true!
And more than ever I believe this sentiments on forgiveness to be important to our society.

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Love is Not Equal.
When you love someone it is unique. Unique to your energy, your personality, your lifestyle and that other person.
Yet, so many wish and desire and even tear relationships apart because the love isn’t equal.
How would one even measure such a thing? How to you measure the energy of love?
In roses? In calls/texts made? In time spent? In services provided?
Lately the topic of inequality of love has come up again and again with my clients, family, and friends.
I had a client other day, and then shortly after a friend ask me the same thing…
“Why am I the one that always has to reach out?”

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The things we get used too and no longer accept.

As many have seen on Facebook, Texas and many parts of the Southern US got some severe winter weather.

Now… severe because it happed in the SOUTH.

So, as I sit writing this and watching the snow fall from the sky and look at the very rare site of snow completely covering my grass. I am forced to laugh!

“Man I’ve gotten soft”, I thought to self.

See I grew up in a part of New York where snow was pretty much a weekly occurrence and usually about once a year we would get a blizzard so bad that power would go out for days, and we would trudge off to my neighbors next to snow drifts taller than me. Read more