Penetrate Me

Penetrated me at that deep expansive level. Where I am ravenous for more and yet on the edge of breaking apart into orgasmic energy.

I want you to stroke the very center of my soul as we guide each other into a new level of bliss. Combining at the energetic level that melds so deeply with the physical that there is no difference between where you end and I begin.

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I sit here today… unprocessed.

My heart is suddenly skipping beats and changing rhythms
My stomach is gurgling and doing it’s thing
My temperature is going from hot to cold

A few days into the week and I have had some beautiful healing opportunities. Some that were so very fun, playful, and much needed food for the soul. While others were more challenging in how they chose to flow into my consciousness.

The other day I sat with a new friend. She was shocked as I told her stories about myself a few years back. When I was still opening up to myself and the world around me.

I share the stories from my heart space but she could only see the woman before her that has built confidence, sexual assuredness, self-love, and an abundant life. Read more

Some days my desire is like a hungry beast. I feel the intense pull.

There are days when my desire is like a ravenous beast that feels like it will never be satiated. It calls for more! And more! And more!
My hunger to be fed and my desire to be penetrated in newer deeper ways edges on painful. Painful because it makes me note the constant filling and emptying of my cup.
It shows me the importance of being hungry… not being so hungry that one perishes but also not satiating to the level that one loses its taste for new delicacies. Read more

Your relationships, all of your relationships, need moderate effort most of the time.
Not 10% and not 100% effort.

I was standing in yoga when the instructor reminded us to engage in a pose with moderate effort.

If we threw 100% then we would not be able to sustain
If we threw out 10% then we would not be stretching and expanding.
And I thought how this relates to our relationships.

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