Caught in the feels.

Emotions are such as gift and guiding light to us as humans.

They tell us where we are aligned and what is going well in our lives.
They also tell us where we are out of alignment and where we need to continue to do our inner work.

Our emotions are with us at every moment of every day and truly give the juiciness to our lives.

Whether we choose to ignore or to dive deep… they are always there right below the surface

Now, in our masculine energy world there are people that don’t tune into their feelings and emotions at all…
People whom miss out on a massive amount of guidance and growth. That never truly learn to revel in the beauty and flow of their emotions.

The joys…
The sorrows…
The bliss…
The exciting…

They simply hold it all at bay. And in truth these people end up being controlled more by there emotions by anyone because they are not giving credit to this powerful force…

We have all heard about the dangers of cutting off emotions.

However, lets talk about the other side.
Let’s talk about how our emotions can actually be a negative

Our ego’s and our emotions go hand in hand.
So when we consistently give in to emotions regarding fear, uncertainty, lack of worthiness, and allow ourselves to be controlled by these emotions…

We don’t make progress.
The “I don’t feel like it” laziness emotions
The “I’m scared to go outside of my comfort zone” emotions
The “I’m not good enough” emotions

These all are coming from our ego and though need to be acknowledged…. WILL hold us back if we continue to give-in to their seductive platitudes.

When we align too much with out emotions then we can quickly be thrown this way and that without any sense of direction.

Feelings and emotions are all feminine energy and if we allow can lead us to feeling thrown around like a boat in the waves of a massive storm.

So while it can be easy to let ourselves off the hook of things that we need to do by leaning solely on our emotions…

Sometimes we need to lean into that DEEPER knowing and feeling of our souls. That deeper knowing that despite not “feeling” like doing something or being fearful…

We can still choose to pay attention to that underlying sensation when we slow down and tune deeply into ourselves. The knowing that we were meant to step up and step into self…

Which is inevitably going to manifest at times as more shadow emotions.

Yes, lean into the feel good.
The feel good is amazing and can truly tell us where we need to focus more attention.

But more than leaning just into the feel good…

Lean into that deeper feel good and pull of the soul.
The feel good that will leave you feeling good long-term instead of simply in this moment.

Ex. You feel like chilling and watching Netflix. That would feel good! But you also told yourself you would go workout and spend some time meditating. Doesn’t potentially feel as good in the moment but when you take a breathe you know at a deeper level that it will feel good to see yourself making progress on a goal you truly desire and is aligned.

You can both acknowledge your emotions and still choose where to lean into them. This isn’t about ignoring but it is about not letting yourself drown in emotions that don’t serve you.

If you continue to notice yourself getting torn down by your own emotions you could be too much in the feels. You could be allowing your emotions to hinder you instead of boost you up and guide you.

Our emotions can give us huge clues at how we are doing and even where we are manifesting things we do not desire. Beautiful amazing clues.
But when we lose our focus, our true alignment, and connection with our deeper soul, then all our emotions do is toss us around with no forward movement.

Look at how you are utilizing your emotions and feelings to your own benefit or hindrance to your life. Are you guiding your life or getting swallowed up by the waves.

I look at my emotions as a gift but I know when they are also working against my highest and greatest good.
Look within today and see if yours are helping or hurting you?
Or if you are connected to them at all!

Go live a fierce and fulfilling life!
Love you all,


We all find ourselves at times in our lives

Times when we are not sure where to go or what the next right step is in life
Though we all have the strength and power to keep getting up each time we fall

To claim the amazing blessed lives that are waiting for us
To live out our desires

Getting someone on your side can be a huge guiding light!
Walk with you on the journey!!!

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