You’ve created a ceiling.
The ceiling of “Meh”

You state that you’re “fine”
You say you’re “okay”
Stable, Normal, Average

It’s no feeling and sensation of pleasure
It’s no life at all!


It’s taking the safe road and living out your fears of your growth. You know there is more but know that there is a chance that you could get hurt emotionally and so you stay put.

Trying with all your might to avoid the negative feelings but instead what you’ve done is set yourself up to be a robot.
And when “Meh” is your ceiling then the only place to go is down.

You haven’t created any space for the joy, the love, and the passion and you think this will save you from the pain. Instead it just guarantees you ONLY feeling the pain and struggle.

A life lived in the middle ground will never bring you bliss.
It won’t allow for your expansion and for you to reach your dreams.

Now I hear you crying… “BUT BUT BUT Addison what if I fall? What if I fail? What if my heart gets broken?”

Well then at least you tried, you learned, and you felt something instead of dying inside. At least you will feel the joy and passion if only for a minute.

You don’t have to know the HOW
You don’t have to worry about the WHAT IF’s

Stop trying to do God’s work!
Do your work…
The work of tuning into soul and listening, doing, being, opening, and allowing.

And it’s a daily choice.
Are you going to live the average and ordinary or are you going to feel and be in the moment. Are you going to push yourself and choose a positive focus.

This doesn’t always mean that you are doing something wild and crazy every day… it means that you are allowing yourself to open to the pleasurable moments that are in your day AND aware and taking the opportunity to do those out of the box things.


It means choosing to tap into the love, joy, passion that is within you.

The middle ground feels safe but it’s a level of not truly feeling any juicy emotion.

Peace is great every now and again but we can’t live there and right on the other side is boredom. Meaning lack of drive and forward movement.

Where today can you choose MORE for yourself and to not just believe but KNOW it’s possible. Claiming it for yourself.

Maybe you’re not even there…
But maybe just choose different words. Reach for a different emotion or thought then…


Own what you are really feeling and stop capping your pleasure at MEH.

Because you can only go down from there!

Sending you all…
Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell


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