The physical aspect of the sexing is… pretty good.

Not the best as we work around momentary physical challenges in our bodies.

Working to get into a rhythm and position that both arouse and is comfortable.

I feel us both floating in and out of presence…
Into our fear, into our uncertainty, into our ego’s
But again and again we
Continue to call each other back from the inner world that is calling
Back into our bodies and back into connection.
A calling back each time we see the other drift.

It isn’t the best sex physically…
But it is amazing sex emotionally. It fills in a different way.
It is connective.

I feel deeply seen as I stare into the eyes of my lover. See the desire and passion. Feel the heat and energy radiating through his spine and culminating within me.

I breathe into him as he takes me deeply but with such honor and care. I breathe through the blocks and into a deeper surrender within my very body.

There are moments of laughter, moments of slow movement with deep eye gazing, moments of vulnerability, and moments of intense heat and hunger.

It is this energy and the emotions that flow between us that makes this sex profound. It is the barriers we have dropped.

It has nothing to do with the exact mechanics…

And the same goes for your sexing!

There are things we can learn and tweak as adults in the mechanics of sex. Making sure that we alter angles, know where our partners hot spots are, and are taking the time to prepare the body into an orgasmic state.

But in truth the mechanics can be perfect and the sex still be crap!

What makes amazing sex is the energy and the connection between two people.

You can tweak mechanics… but if the energetic connection isn’t present then your sex will continue to struggle. If you are not connecting at an emotional level with your partner then your sex will struggle. If you aren’t willing to surrender to yourself then your sex will struggle.

Gourmet sex does not come from the 1,2,3’s or how to’s of sex.
Gourmet sex comes from feeling that deeper connection with your partner and yourself.

It’s not about perfection. It’s about the dance. It’s about the little moments of joy, heat, and surrender. It’s about opening to your partner but also deeper within your own heart.

This is what makes amazing sex. This is sex that you can build on and grow with.

Not every time we have sex will it be climax after climax after climax…

This is not honest reality for ourselves and our bodies. Plus, if we want to expand to our depths… climax is never the goal. The goal is a deeper true orgasmic state.

Which only comes from a connection of true energies.

Not all sex has to be climactic to be orgasmic!

That pretty good physical sexing…
Filled me in much needed and desired ways.
It was not climactic sexing but was so ORGASMIC!

Love & Light,



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