“La, la, la, la… I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you”. 

This is what my 4 yr old inner child did internally as my mentor spoke to me today about what I needed to do. I didn’t want to hear this. 

And yet… I did! 
I asked for this guidance and although my inner self was throwing a tantrum and I’m sure it appeared at times as I was blowing stuff off. I was actually really listening. I was taking it in as my heart began to race and I could feel that heart chakra that I wrote about yesterday squeezing and squeezing…

Though funnily enough there was enough resistance that my usual FEMALE Virgo brain that has amazing memory and forgets very little couldn’t remember shit. 

I found myself asking several times, “Now what’s the homework again?”. Truly not being a smart-ass but that was my level of resistance here! 

I needed this guidance from someone outside of my own brain. A part of me had been begging for exactly this as the other part kicked and screamed and gave mental middle fingers. (Maybe a few actual ones happened as well ?

I needed a swift butt kick… A direction point… and I needed to be heard and more than anything I needed to feel this with the love that space being held can provide.

So I knew despite how I wanted to just throw the towel in on the session that this was exactly where I needed to be! 

Whether its one of my mentors/coaches or whether it is me coaching someone else…

This is what us coaches/mentor’s do! 

We give the guidance that isn’t always comfortable. The guidance that the person being coached needs at an internal level. Not the ego resistant level but really the soul level! 

Sometimes we do it gently. Sometimes not so gently. But always from a place of love. 

As humans we are not able to see all aspects of self! There is a psychological concept called the Johari’s Window. In all people we are said to have four aspects: 

Known to self
Known to others
Known to self & others
Known to neither self or others

This is why coaching works because it works on two of these beautiful windows. We can do TONS of work by ourselves but sometimes we need another person to point out a different perspective. 

And point out where our Ego’s also known as our B.S. is shining through. 

Where our fear is blocking our sight.
Where our inner programs are running on high drive
Where we are resisting and choosing to stay stuck
Where we might not be quite so alone as we think

And then the beauty of a coach is that they can also help boost us up where we aren’t giving ourselves enough credit. Give some love and holding of space for a different kind of healing. 

Then get back to kicking our butts 

I write this to #1 say that even coaches have coaches!
We all need someone to bounce thoughts off of and hold us accountable. 

Then I also write this because I want to acknowledge that we all get stuck… we all feel resistance… we all will have internal temper tantrums!!!

Though if you are willing to sit and witness this aspect of self… 
As it kicks, screams, freaks out, and then potentially melts into a scared little puddle of tears on the floor…

Then you can get your butt kicked some more and move through. You can take action for your higher self!

To all the Amazing A**kicking coaches/mentors out there…. your client’s are blessed to have you in their lives. Pushing them, guiding them, and loving them. 

To all the Amazing A**kickery clients that are trying to do the hard work to make their lives better… you are inspirational. Keep stepping forward! You make not only your world better but THE world better. 

Sending you all Love, Light, & Blessings! 


So let’s be real… I can’t do a whole post about how amazing coaches are and then not promote my own coaching business! 

I love my amazing clients and adore seeing them grow…
And I’ve been known to be the perfect harmony of 
A**Kicker & Heart-Centered and loving 🙂

So start working with me today at www.addisonbell.net/contact