Today, I watch as fruit and vegetables were used as some of the best sex toys around!!!

Lol, I ran my yearly Oral Intimacies in-person Workshop (there is a recorded version available on my site)
And for the lab/demo portion of this class we make use of cucumbers and mangos.

Myself and my co-teacher ask each individual to tap into the sensations within their bodies as they both give and receive. Now there is zero touching in this workshop and yet we hear again and again how it was incredibly erotic.

How people get to the point of squirming with orgasm.
How they sometimes are FEELING the most they have ever felt during oral sex…. from NO TOUCHING!!!

The energy in simply tapping into their pussy or cocks as another taps into their genitals is so intense that it creates a beautiful energetic moment.

Which brings me to my topic for the day…

While your technique matters… your energy will always matter more!!!

While your partners technique matters… your connection to your own energy and body matters more!!

If you gain nothing else from following me and reading my materials about sex… the thing that I want you to note as the most important is that the energy and presence we bring to the bedroom always sets the stage for the outcome of that connective sexual moment with self or other.

The pure focus on SENSATION…. not your emotions, not your thoughts, not your feelings, but your sensation is where we get to really dive in and connect with self and partner.

When we focus in on the sensations in our body and bring our consciousness to the body part that is being touched or touching, then we will be more present and connect in the moment.

Now Im not saying that you should shove down your emotions or a thought but that deep presence and the energy you are entering any sexual situation with is what will be magnified.

You could have the best technique in the world but if you are not present then your partner will not feel you in oral or penetrative sex. The same goes for receiving… your partner could be a MASTER of sex and if you are disconnected from your body then you will not feel them.

The magic in the bedroom comes from our energy and presence. Technique can take things to the next level but without bringing a presence level you will always find something is missing in the bedroom.

And if you have a true presence and connection within self first and foremost then even sucking on a cucumber or licking a mango can become the most erotic thing on the planet.

Its not the touch… it’s the energy you’re bringing into the touch.

Go get present in your sexing tonight and watch how the energy will expand outwards!!!

Recover Your Sex…
~Recover Your Life~

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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Shout out!!! to Alexandro Noyola for this fun and playful photoshoot above. And to @fifidoll on Instagram for the hair and makeup.
More to come!