Where’s your focus?
Are you focusing on that little bit of blue sky or are you focusing on all the clouds that are surround. The clouds that could quickly melt away with enough radiance from the sun?
And you might be saying, “No, I’m focusing on the good”
But if you look at your life is that truly the case?
Maybe, yes (way to rock it out!)
Maybe, no (we can simply refocus)

But it’s more than falsely thinking the thoughts.
It’s if you energy is focused there as well.
If you don’t have the positive energies behind your thoughts and words then they simply won’t have the power.
Many times we have this underlying energy that is pulling us away or contradicting our desires. Sometimes this is because we are “working” or “trying” too hard. Focused on all that we need to do and be in order to be ready to call in what we are desiring.
When in truth its already DONE.
Its all ready for you.
You just have to get aligned to it.
And grinding our dreams is not going to get us ready for high-vibe shiz!
It’s going to keep us in the energy that we must work hard and suffer.
It’s going to keep us in the energy that we must settle for the scraps we can get and living small
It’s going to keep us not loving ourselves because there is still so much that needs to be “fixed”
You are perfect right now.
You are right where you need to be now.
There is always contrast in our lives.
Thats the part of living that helps stir our desires
But there is also always sunshine and blue skies!
It just depends on the perspective you are choosing and not just choosing in your thoughts but choosing in your vibration.
It’s not about going from being in a low vibing state to on top of the world… because thats just you faking it! Your energy doesn’t lie.
It’s about finding that next right feel good!
Finding something that feels a little bit better and letting go of working so hard.
It’s about experiencing life!
And if that’s all you do…
Sit and focus on the next best thing.
I promise you your world will follow!
It’s about Recovering Your Life!
Love, Light, & Blessings
Ready to stop settling for normal?
Desiring the extraordinary?
Know you were meant to live for more than what is currently in your life?
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