I stand looking over the edge. I can feel the pulsing in my body and the desire I have to leap. Yet I can also feel my heart racing a mile a minute and the fear to step back from this cliff. On one hand my body is craving this adventure and has been speaking to me for awhile about this particular life cliff.

I know I desire this. I know that this has been on my mind for a while…
But if I take this jump then there truly is no looking back
I will have crossed a threshold that may have a huge impact. An impact not only on my but also on the other people standing on this cliff with me.

So what do I do?
Do I listen to my body? Do I listen to the desire in my heart?
Do I step back from this adventure and always wonder?
Do I try to protect others from themselves?

I stopped. I tuned in. I leaped off this particular cliff.
My body screamed yes.
My heart screamed yes.
My mind decided others had to make their own decisions.
They leaped too.

The process of jumping felt amazing but the landing is still yet to be seen. I might crash into the ground. It might hurt. I might lose the other cliff jumpers in the process.

Or it could be the best decision of my life
It could be the step that catapults me forward in my life
The decision that calls in even more beauty and abundance into my life
The decision that could catapult others deeper into their path

The truth is no one knows but God
What I do know is that my spirit said YES
What I do know is that my body said YES
What I do know is that my desires said YES
What I do know is the other cliff jumper said YES

What I do know is that it feels aligned and that I am following my heart desires. I know that when something feels aligned and was put into my heart as a desire… it will feel good! And I know that I can’t control another persons decisions and who am I to say what is safe, healthy, and right. I am here to light the way in certain times but their path is their own.

We so often tamp down our desires. W don’t allow the free flowing nature of our lives out of fear, concern, and uncertainty. If we can’t see the whole path then we just back away.

I know I personally spent too many years of my life when I was younger not following my true heart desires and what my soul was calling. Now a little older and a little more in-tune I strive to follow my heart, my soul, my path, and my spirit as a spirit warrior.

Yes, I will mess it up. Yes, I will crash. But I will also have more amazing journeys then if I stayed right in my safe little bubble and just continued to look over the edge of the cliff wanting, waiting, wondering and most of all denying!

Join me in this Free Fall of the Blissful Life!!