Dating these days can be hard! So why just TALK about how to make your dates better and instead PRACTICE making your dates better.

Now you have the opportunity to DATE A SEX COACH!

Don’t let the world of dating keep you from finding connection!

  • Get rid of that voice in your head that prevents you from approaching women!
  • Stop second guessing every move you make on a date!
  • Get clear on the type of woman you want to bring into your life
  • Build confidence in your dating skills!
  • Learn how to work your inner masculine to your Advantage

Dating Session:

This will be like a real life date! We will meet at a local restaurant, have some good conversation, and you will get to practice tools of dating. Throughout the date I will offer suggestions and feedback to help you gain a better understanding of the “female dater”.

Then you will be given the opportunity to have a coaching session with me to go over the feedback, help you on your online dating profile, and determine exactly what you’re looking for out of dating and in the ideal woman, and learn how to pull her into your life!

Who doesn’t want a chance to practice the changes!!! So we will have a second date for those that desire it to put those changes into ACTION! This is a great way to have fun night out and also make progress in your life.

What are you getting in this program?

  • 2 In-person dates
    • Immediate feedback
    • Ability to try different scenarios and build confidence
    • Fun night out
    • Get a better understanding of the female dater
  • 2 Dating Coaching Session
    • Improve your dating profile
    • Learn how to manifest the ideal woman
    • Ask all those stubborn questions you need answers to
    • Get direct feedback in a non-judgmental way

Investment: $ 750

* Evening activities will be paid for by the client (food, drinks, dating activities)

** Addison does not enter into sexual relationships with her clients. These dates are for learning purposes only **