“Do not go gentle into that good night”- Dylan Thomas
You feel the pressure and you have a choice.
You can go gentle… back down… back off… stop pushing.
Allowing yourself to stay small. To not verbalize what is in your heart and your soul. Staying quiet and staying small. Letting the negative within and without WIN.

You can choose to rage and fight. Not from a place of hate and anger but from a place of standing in soul. From a desire to be seen and heard. To let your thoughts and your voice have space. Rage and fight with the demons within and the ones you create outside of you… to be the most YOU.
Most will choose to go gentle. Backing down from any fear or doubts that arise. Stating they desire to stand out and shine bright but in truth, they have a stronger pull towards fitting in. Not causing waves or controversy.
The moment we compromise what is meaningful to our hearts and souls
The moment we begin to pull away at our own worth
The moment we allow others to pull away at our worth
And that moment we stop speaking our truth…
Is the moment that we begin down the path of going gentle and back down the true aligned path. The path that is sometimes rockier and more difficult to navigate but also has the most amazing views and heights not found anywhere else.
It may be the gentle path but that doesn’t mean it’s the happy path.
Many go gentle while appearing to be pushing back. How so?
If you are raging and fighting just to rage and fight then you again are going gentle. You aren’t coming from a place of alignment and soul. You are just trying to create drama to create drama. You are fighting for NOTHING. Nothing that is truly meaningful and worthy. And that is what “sheeples” do. Fight for things that are not worthy and meaningful to their souls.
While a small percentage, (my tribe of bada*s soul warriors), choose not to go gentle into that good night. To live the F*CK out of their lives!!!
To feel it ALL. The difficult. The extraordinary. And they make the ordinary feel extraordinary. Set on expansion.
To stand up for what is the message of their soul.
To not get caught up in what everyone wants them to do or what they think they “should do” but instead fighting for what they desire and feel deep within.
The people that do not choose to go gentle… those rare few souls…
They keep pushing even when everything is stacked against them
Even when they hear those inner voices of doubt and fear…
Because they know that beyond the comfort
Is the life that has always been waiting for them!
A life that will never be found in the land of gentle!
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