Do you miss her?
That wild woman that would come in and get so passionate that she felt she could conquer the world?
The one that would never take no for an answer. The one that explored every aspect of self and reveled in the joy and the passion of it all.
The one that was craving that next new adventure.
Do you miss her?

That sweet wide-eyed innocent girl. The one that saw the world as her magical oyster and saw an abundance of magic and love. That girl that was like a sponge in her search for knowledge.
The one that would laugh with abandon and didn’t care if she looked childish. The one that had so much joy in her heart and had such trust in the world and the people around her each day.
Do you miss her?
That woman that was sultry and seductive in her movements. That danced in all the pleasures of her sexuality and enjoyed letting men spin her, sway her, lead her, and warm her up until she was hot! That woman that wants to explore every depth of her sexuality and is turned-on to her life.
The one that kept the fires burning and her feminine energy moving. The one that knew her desires and went after them in a playful dance.
Do you miss her?
Do you miss any of these women? These women and aspects inside of yourself. That crave to be seen and acknowledged and so many more. These different women that truly feed you and your wholeness in the feminine.
Or maybe you’ve never let yourself meet her and so it’s hard to miss someone you’ve never met. But deep in your heart you want to meet her.
As women it is easy to shut down different areas of self as we grow older….
Hide the innocents and softness so the world doesn’t take advantage….
Hide the seductive sexy woman so that you don’t get called a “slut” or a “whore” or get told that you are wrong in some way for your desires…
Hide the passionate and spontaneous in order to fit in and settle down into life.
Hide the very pieces that feed us as women. The very aspects that are required for us to feel whole. Yes, some we rely on at different times in our lives more heavily… but all aspects of self are required.
Otherwise, we are left feeling incomplete.
Feeling like we are draining ourselves and not really being fully seen and acknowledged.
And more than that… feeling like we are half-alive.
And funnily enough.
Usually, the woman/girl we resist the most is the one where our healing is to be found. The one that will unlock our next level of abundance and growth.
Well… ALL of the aspects of the feminine are within you.
She’s there for you to tap into and explore.
The Soft
The Wild
The Bitchy
The Crazy
The Magical
The Innocent
The Sexual
ALL within.
If you sit and ponder your former self and think… “I miss that girl/woman that I was”. Then know that she is still within you. You just have to tap back into her beauty.
If you look at other women in your life and see aspects of the feminine that intrigue you. Aspects that you’ve never explored. Then know that you can tune into those aspects of self as well. It will never ever look the same as another woman but those same feminine characteristics are within you as well.
You just have to get crazy brave and allow them to be seen and explored.
Journal on why you are avoiding
Journal on what that would be like to be feeling and living in that aspect of the feminine.
THEN go step in and live it. Take baby steps if need be but explore the depths of that aspect.
You don’t have to miss her… you can claim her!
You want to be Zen
BUT you’re a little Crazy and so is your life!
You see the benefits of spiritual growth and inner work but you just don’t have time.
And you’re Crazy ego takes hold every time you try to get calm and collected.
I’ve got the program for you.
“Zen & Crazy AF: Bringing Calm and Alignment into A Crazy Busy World”
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