You see all the “bad” in the world
I see all the love and beauty

You see all the ways it won’t work
I see the possibilities

You think playing it safe should be the answer. Stay in line, keep your head down, and that responsibility and security is the most important thing.

I think that it’s not worth living if you aren’t enjoying your life and so passion, drive, and taking chances at times is essential.

You think I’m an idealist and have my head in the clouds
I think you have been hardened and have forgotten what it is like to truly dream.

It is interesting how as we age… as we expand… and as we experience life… just how much our perspectives can change.

And how we see those we were once totally agreed with, in a whole new way.

Years ago I was right in alignment with fear, scarcity, and in truth, I didn’t even know how to DESIRE anything outside of average and ordinary.

I may have spoken about how God had my back
I may have thought I knew what it was like to dream
I wanted things but didn’t truly believe I could have them

Now I sit here and feel a desire and think…
I can have it!
I visualize it!
I demand it!
I FEEL it!

I am simply not available for anything less.
Yes, I want it and I want it ALL!!!

Call it spoiled brat
Call it head in the clouds
Call it irresponsibility

But when the soul says NO
The answer is NO

And when in past I’ve said YES
It always has turned out to be a disaster or I just end up very unhappy and backtracking to my aligned path.

It is rare that I spend significant time with those that aren’t in alignment with my mindset. Or maybe I do all the time and they simply don’t impact me enough to notice.

However, there are times, like today when I will spend time with someone or a group of people that don’t have a manifestation/soul-guided mindset

And I feel like I am speaking Greek
They don’t understand me and I don’t understand them

The very foundation of thought is coming from two very different places. Made more interesting when I realize that this is truly how I used to process. How I used to think.

And I recognize how much more fulfilling my life is
How much more love and laughter are apart
How much more connection to self

And it reminds me that we all can change our thoughts and retrain ourselves to have a less restrictive mindset.
We all can dream and dream big

But it requires us to WANT to change our thoughts
It requires us to DESIRE the joy more than the sorrow
It requires us to move out of average and ordinary and no longer try to fit in.
It requires us to not let others twist our energy and beliefs

And mostly…
It requires a trust and faith in ourselves and that deeper part of ourselves.
That divine Godlike part of self
Knowing that the divine truly is always supporting us!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


Let me guide you and inspire you!
Don’t let another day roll by just making it through
Let your life take on that orgasmic energy you were meant to claim!!

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