Don’t make it so complicated!

At the end of the day all our dreams, goals, and desires come back to us wanting to FEEL GOOD.

We want laughter, joy, pleasure, freedom, love, and every other yummy juicy emotion.

Our soul goals are all about feeling and experiencing.

Yet we think that we have to wait.
Wait for that trip
Wait for that event
Wait for the money
Wait for the relationship

Wait, wait, and wait some more before we can truly feel good.

We are desiring for MORE in our lives which in and of itself is not a negative thing. Desire means we have passion and drive within us.

But when we wait to feel good until we get our “more” we play a losing game! Because as soon as you manifest your desire you are going to want something else… it’s the nature of being human and expansion. It’s the nature of being a soul that wants to truly experience everything and live a full life.

Though we don’t actually experience EVERYTHING…

We don’t fully experience the feel good.

And this actually jams up our manifestation power towards the things we desire and we instead end up with what we are verbalizing we do not desire. When we aren’t experiencing the feel-good then we are lock and lowering our vibration.


We want to make, making our desires come true complicated and it actually is the easiest thing to do.

Enjoy life. All of life. Focus in on everything that feels good now.

I always get asked “How”…

How do I feel good when what I want isn’t here?
How do I raise my vibration?
How do I go from depressed to in joy?

Don’t make it complicated!!!

Find something that you can enjoy right now. Something that makes you laugh, lightens your load, inspires you.
Then lean in there more.
Then find something else.
Then something else.

And keep going until you are enjoying all that life is giving you.
Until you can get into that same feel-good state that your desires are at.

Everything you desire will be unlocked if you simply start

Don’t make it so difficult.
It’s just you enjoying your life!