Let me ask you a question…
You are out walking one day and see a painter on the sidewalk painting the most beautiful soul-led sunset.
They have this large canvas and are focused in on mixing the colors just right and getting the strokes down for their beautiful masterpiece.

Do you think, “ya know I am pretty good at drawing stick figures”?
And then go up to the painter’s canvas and start drawing your stick figures on their beautiful sunset? Or even start trying to paint a similar sunset on THEIR canvas?
I’m guessing that most people would say NO…
That would be rude and an A-hole thing to do!!
My question then remains…
Why am I seeing so many people doing this to not only my masterpiece but other coaches and entrepreneurs??
When you choose to post your newest course, your articles, someone else’s articles underneath my videos/articles…
Or even just post randomness on my wall. You are painting on my masterpiece without asking!
I love helping to promote others stuff!
If it is aligned… and if I feel it expands my message…
But I think very hard about who and what I put on my business profile and page!
My wall to me is my personally crafted masterpiece!!!
It is where I let my heart and soul out.
It is where I can be entirely me and connect with those that follow me and work with me.
It is also where I am building my business!
The other day I was on a friends article and right below was an advertisement that another coach had posted. Yes, I told them that it was rude and they were in ego for doing so.
And in truth, I stand by my response!
I was told that we need to be in ONENESS.
I’m all for love and sharing and oneness…
But I am, and other entrepreneurs are, allowed to have something that is just theirs!!
Do I want you to be part of my tribe??
YES, as long as you are aligned to my message.
Do I want your message all up in my message?
NO! I can’t control your message and want to make sure I am giving my tribe a message I can stand behind.
Oneness does not mean we have to share everything.
Oneness is an energy of love and telling you when you are being an A-hole sometimes is super loving in my opinion.
A person that chooses to do this on someone else wall or post is crossing a creativity boundary in my opinion.
Now this is not true is 100% of scenarios… but as a general rule!
I mean on my profile I love getting birthday messages and old memories! Also, when you are in a social media group there are also times when suggestions and recommendations are asked for… we aren’t talking about those exceptions.
But if you wouldn’t go and paint on another artists canvas in real life…
Then why do you think it is okay to post your stuff on the entrepreneur’s canvas??
Its a simple check into your boundaries because social media is just a microcosm of our world.
And what this shows is that we often times need to check our boundaries… be in creative, physical, sexual, emotional, etc.
Asking someone’s permission to post on their wall or your promotions under your content… is respect!
Otherwise, you simply trying to steal attention from someone else masterpiece!
You have a beautiful light!
You have beautiful gifts!
But that does not give you permission to trample over others gifts and sharing.
Soapbox over!
Check your boundaries!!
And fyi, anyone that posts salesy stuff on my feed and articles without my permission will NEVER receive my business or respect!
And will be promptly removed from my tribe!
Stay tuned this weekend for the release of my newest revamped coaching programs!
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