Don’t Sex Me Like A Man!
I am my best self when I am in my feminine flow and in all areas of my life but particularly in my sex.
Where I am able to surrender to the feelings and sensations and follow my orgasm to all areas my body. Allowing myself to delve deeper with each orgasm until I feel like I’ve become pure energy.
Mmm.. sounds juicy even just writing it. It’s juicy because it will then feed me for days in my work, relationships, mood, and creativity.

Though, this only happens when my partner has sex with me like a woman with expectations that meet those of a woman!
Awhile back I was dating a man (actually I’ve dated a few of these men) that wanted our sex to be about the climax. He constantly would ask me if I “got off” or was “done”.
The fact is that as a woman I am an energizer bunny that only is done because the physical body taps out for water, bathroom, and food!! A woman that can ride the waves of her sex realizes that the wave can go on and on at different levels.
This particular man also would complain about me taking “too long” and requiring extra effort in order to reach his expectations of my sex.
He as a man, wanted to jump straight into penetrative sex without the physical or emotional warm-up of my energies. Despite my continual explanation that I needed more in the bedroom, he assumed that if it was good enough for him then it was good enough for me. He refused to understand that I experienced sex completely differently than he did in his body.
Also, he was under the impression that one quick forced orgasm would leave me satisfied…
WRONG!!! It left me simply pissed off.
He was having sex with me like a man!
Rub rub rub… why haven’t you climaxed? Why isn’t that enough?
As a feminine woman I require that my orgasmic piggy bank be filled up with a depth of orgasm, love, and passion in the bedroom. Once this is received, then and only then will quickies arouse my senses and feel playfully connective.
And one night of focused effort does not fill the piggy bank if it is completely empty. It’s a process! But a beautiful process of opening and awakening.
And I am not alone here… a woman’s sex is DIFFERENT than a man’s sex.
👉 The average female body takes 20-40mins to physically be ready for penetration!
👉 A feminine woman needs her heart energy to be awakened in order to make the sex fulfilling and yummy
👉 She needs to feel safe enough to take her time in following the orgasmic energy and not rushed to a finish line.
👉 Most women need multiple orgasms to truly fill them energetically.
👉 When our brains are caught up in other things we can not be present with our orgasm
👉 We have to TRUST that you can hold us in the messy places our orgasms can take us… laughing, crying, shaking, etc.
When my man has sex with me like I am a man… I become more in the masculine. I become more combative. I become irritable. I become more goal driven and further from my emotions. I sometimes even take care of myself in the bedroom because I feel rushed and he’s not taking the time to bring me pleasure.
I become a man not just in the bedroom but in my life!!!
Bye bye laughter and giggles
Bye bye big heart energy
Bye bye creativity
Bye bye flow
But then they look around and wonder where the feminine flowing woman went… she got traded out for her masculine counterpart!
The problem is many men have also been tricked that climax focused sex is okay for a woman. The reason… many woman have never surrendered into their own sex at this deeper level and so don’t know what they are missing. They don’t know thier true capabilities and have shut down even working towards these things. Often noting them as unimportant.
The guy in the story above would tell me how his other girlfriends had been happy with constant quickies and forced orgasms. My reply to him would be that they were lying or hadn’t truly explored the depths of their sex. OR maybe they wanted to stay in their masculine energy in the bedroom but that was not acceptable for my own life.
If you want to have sex with the feminine…
Then you have to make an effort to meet her at her feminine energy. Drop the goals for her and let her play in the energies. Take the time to open her heart and touch her body with presence. Woo her!
When a feminine woman gets in her sexual energies then she can draw out and play with your masculine energies in a way you’ve never experienced. Masculine energy leads in the bedroom but the feminine leads in the emotions and can take the sex to new levels.
Don’t sex your woman like a man!
We are different.
Yet, oh so juicy!
Don’t steal that from her. From you. From your relationship!
Love you,
Reach out for a consultation to bring orgasm to your entire life. To love, be loved, and thrive!