You are focusing on the Extraordinary!
You are always desiring MORE!!!
And there is nothing wrong with desiring for more, reaching for your next big goal, or beautiful expansion.
Big dreams are important!
Visualizing and not settling for less than you deserve is vital to achieving your heart’s desire and continuing to feel that turn-on for life in your very core.

It’s wonderful to want MORE… the EXTRAORDINARY
But are you doing it at the expense of the “ordinary”?
I’m not talking boring AF ordinary here!!
I’m speaking about the ordinary that makes you happy.
The ordinary things in your day that are little blessings.
?The relationships that feed you love and support but are missing that new relationship energy
?The beautiful sunset from your very own porch
?Your favorite song coming on the radio
?Watching your kids play in the backyard
That ordinary.
The ordinary that can easily get pushed aside and which you often forget to send out gratitude for each day
The ordinary that gives you the energy and vibe to expand out to that next level.
But if you aren’t enjoying the beautiful ordinary then how on earth do you think you are going to tap in and tune in the truly appreciate the extraordinary.
Because even the extraordinary will eventually become ordinary
The level of income will become a norm
The new skill/learning will become ingrained
And you will replace it with a new ideal of what is EXTRAORDINARY.
It is simply human nature.
We grow, expand, and are always are desiring for more.
That “more” is once again a powerful motivating drive, but if we are not practicing enjoying the “now” as well…
Then when we call in those new things we won’t truly be present enough to feel them fully.
And if we aren’t getting into the positive vibes now… then our chances of actually pulling in and keeping that “extraordinary” is slim to none.
So my challenge to you today my
is to take some time today to sit in appreciation of the ordinary.
Not from a place of settling but from a place of realizing all the places in your life that you are already incredibly wealthy and have already called in some extraordinary things/people/events into your life.
Take the time to get into the amazing feelings of the now and it will also help you have the vibe to manifest the amazing feelings of your future!
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