Silence can be beautiful and golden

Or silence can cut you like a knife

You can sit with those you love and share a moment of truth and understanding.

Heart to heart

Soul to soul

This deeper awareness of the interconnected nature of the human spirit. Sitting and reveling in the peace and the energies that are stirred.

At times traveling to other times and spaces with the energy

At other times sitting in the here and now simply being in all your “beingness”

Yet there is another kind of silence

The silence that is disconnecting and cold

The silnece that is filled with a million unshared and unspoken words. These silences are tumultuous and pull energies in a downward position.

Each party in their own spiraling energy and a shield around these energetic vortexes. Though the muck will seep out in these hardened sileneces.

And the difference?

First a comfort with self… if you can’t sit in connection with self then you will not be able to sit in silent connection with another.

Then the difference comes down to your energy. If you are stirring and stewing inside your own head and in the lowering enefgies then then there is no soul to soul connection. Our souls are too vibrational high to connect in the sh*t pile. We can sit in beautiful harmonious silence when we’ve finally surrendered to the higher goal of our heart and soul. When we’ve dropped all pretenses and am in the space to simply BE.

Be in whatever needs to be.

To drop the walls and sit in true unconditional love with another.

To sit with most of all a connection and love for self.

We don’t need words to speak… our silence can often say it all.

But the type of silence is up to you!

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