Double Goddess Limited Special

Double Goddess Limited Special


December is for Double!

Double Goddess that is…


What’s better than one woman working your energy?

Two sexy women working your energy!


2020 has been a year of chaos!

There has been massive holding, blocking, and resistance.

These sessions have not been available in the last 4 years but Kendal Williams & Addison Bell are ready to kick start your energy into 2021.


These sessions are tantric energy-work on steroids.

2 women

4 hands

Massive energy


There is a whole different sensation when you have four hands running energy into your blockages and moving your sexual energies.

You are forced to drop out of your head and into your body

Meaning you are doused in healing energies to move you to the next level.


You deserve this Christmas present this year!

Energize your way into a New Year!


Things To Know: 

Cost for Double Goddess is $500

*$200 non-refundable booking fee that must be paid in advance to schedule your session and will be deducted from total. Total must be paid 48 hours prior to your scheduled session.
*Session guidelines and boundaries must be upheld.
*All sessions are done in Plano at studio office.

Ways to Schedule:

Fill Out Application OR

Contact Addison Bell

Or Kendal Williams to schedule

All new clients must do a free discovery call and fill out new client application prior to booking, consults are not required for this holiday special.