This course is all about helping you get essential tools to step into a Recovered Life that is passionate, playful, and freeing!


I personally spent 15 years in an eating disorder that I thought I would never recover from but after years of being recovered... I'm BACK! 

Yes, I'm back to share with you some essential tools, topics, and stories to enhance your recovery. I worked as a therapist in eating disorders for years, I currently own my own business as a Heart-Centered Coach, BUT I'm here....

NOT as a therapist

NOT as a coach

BUT as someone who has been there and knows what it's like!

WE will have REAL conversation. WE will talk about REAL struggles. WE will talk about how to REALLY find a strong recovery.


Join me as we dive into a more Empowering Recovered Life.


***Meant for anyone who is a teen or adult that struggles with an eating disorder or disordered eating***

What You Get:
  • 3+ hours of video content
  • Journaling to help guide you
  • Meditations
  • Activities to use for Growth and Coping
  • Real Life Stories
  • & HOPE for Recovery
Course Topics:
  • Recovery vs. Recovered
  • Support Systems
  • Dealing with Ignorant People & Society
  • Holidays & Celebrations
  • Stepping Outside of Your ED
  • Re-envisioning Yourself

Addison has shown me how to love and appreciate my body like I've never known how to do before. I'm more confident and connected. She's simply amazing.

Sara 34

She really gets you to look at things differently! I love hope open and honest she is, while also being loving and compassionate. Things have changed in my life thanks to Addison.

Danielle 47

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