It is amazing to see couples begin to find a state of ecstasy with each other both in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom!

Are you craving a Deeply Intimate, Orgasmic, & Connected Relationship?

Relationships usually start as fun and exciting with new relationship energy but can lose spark once daily life gets involved. There are so many things in todays world to balance… work, children, family/friends, finances,etc. All of these stresses can begin to eat away at our relationships and sexing.

BUT it doesn’t have to be like that! You can building a flame that keeps burning and taking your relationship deeper every day. Your relationship was meant to be BLISS!!

In Ecstasy Couples Coaching you learn:

  • How to have a lasting sexual relationship
  • How to deal with jealousy, shame, and resentments in the relationship
  • Tantric techniques to stoke the sexual fires in the relationship
  • Connect on a soul level 
  • Let go of past trauma, Ego, and cognitive programs 
  • Plus much more! 

Ecstatic Couples Package : 

8 Coaching/Presence Work Sessions ( 4 per partner)
2 Couples Coaching Sessions
2 Couples Tantra Training Sessions in Office
Total: 18 hrs
In-Home Add Ons are Available (Please make request to Addison for additional details)

 *Packages may change depending on the needs of each individual couple

*** Please note: Addison is offering Coaching & Metaphysical practices and NOT Counseling or Therapy. ***

** Refund Policy