Whoa, EGO!!!
Yes, the ego within yourself that you want to deny as ego spouting from your core.
It’s icky and sticky and you share it with those closest to you.
You feel the cauldron bubbling deep within you and at times it oozes out of your very being.
Feeling the massive weight of introverted ego created from your past and simply from your humanity.
And that ego, those insecurities, are what keeps you from the relationship you desire.

All the emotions, energy, and life situations bringing them all to the surface.
And its easy for you to deny, point blame to someone else or to those to excuses.
It’s those underlying belief of self and your worthiness that you are usually able to hold at bay but that come pouring out in times of stress and struggle.
Or maybe you wear them on your sleeve thinking they will endear you to those around you whom desire to take pity.
When it shoves a wedge straight into your relationships.
It makes you unsafe to those you love because you are unstable emotionally. You take others by surprise with your inquiries and switch in energy.
And babe all those energies are simply switching in your own head.
It’s because you are MENTAL and listening to your own egoic mind.
Not owning self…
It is not a vibration that pulls in positive energies of connection and alignment. It pushes people away and makes them guard themselves from your spiral of energy.
Constant insecurities in a relationship will always mean the death of relationship. Now that may simply be in retraction of energy or that may be in the actual relationship falling apart.
We all have insecurities.
Welcome to being human!
And you can have a beautiful intimacy share and building of a relationship by allowing another into that inner part of you that isn’t so pretty.
But if you aren’t checking your shiz.
And seeing it as ego…
Well then these things will simply weigh on a relationship and connection with others.
At some point continually sharing your fears and insecurities only pulls more reasons to be insecure into your reality.
It doesn’t serve the vibration of a connective relationship.
Own where your insecurities are in a relationship and out of a relationship.
See it for what it is… EGO.
And ask yourself what needs to be healed and then do the work. If you don’t choose to do the work then you are choosing the ramifications that play out in your world…
The retraction
The feeling of discontent within
The braking off of relationships
The lies
The never being able to truly go deep.
But if you do the work… acknowledge where you are being drawn off your core by your ego… then you van heal. Then you van avoid the pitfalls that can arise when those feelings arise and van act more as a witness.
It is simply up to you taking a look at yourself in the mirror… or continuing to avoid facing yourself.
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