What is your intent with your shares with others in your life?

When you talk with someone and discuss what is happening in your world what is your purpose in sharing?

When you tell another person of negative gossip about them or someone else… what is your purpose?

When you reach out with simply a hello, hi, what’s up… is your intent to truly connect from a pure place?


Are you trying to get attention?
Are you trying to drag someone into your drama?
Are you trying to get someone to ask specific questions or inquire in a certain way without having to own your need for support?
Are you trying to ultimately hurt someone in order to absolve yourself of your own guilt around gossip or actions you’ve taken?

There is such a thing as oversharing and sharing from a place of neediness that is prevalent in our society.

We are unwilling to own when we are struggling and need support so we go about trying to capture it in passive ways. Not owning our truth and building resentments in relationships when we don’t receive what we are wanting. Though we never actually verbalize our needs. Assuming the other person should “get it” and putting unspoken expectations in the middle of all our relationships.

We also feel the need to share moments that are none of the other persons business in order to rid ourselves of guilt and to connect. Ever shared with someone that another person was talking shiz about them? Ever shared a past discretion because you can’t live with self?

You most likely weren’t actually trying to connect with that other person. You weren’t attempting to bring joy and lightness into that other person’s sphere.

So why share?

To release your own valve. To cause negative energy and stir another in order to receive something for yourself… even if that something is just to gain relief for self. Also we use this tactic to get another on our own “Side”.

If you look at how most people are communicating in relationships many times it is straight from ego but more than that it is manipulative and breaks down healthy relationships.

If you need attention then ask for it!
If you need support then ask for it!
If you have a desire share it!
Doesn’t mean you’re going to get it and it should come without any expectation that you receive anything.

Get it through your head….
Your spouse/partner
Your children
Your best friend
Your colleagues


But if we deal with our relationships from a place of authenticity and integrity then it is amazing how much we actually receive. It’s beautiful how the flow of energy engulfs a relationship in joy.


Before you share about anything. Gossip. Hurt feelings. Past Indescretion. I ask you to stop before share.

Is this any of the other persons business?
What am I getting out of sharing?
Will this cause unnecessary pain?
Where is my ego in this share?

I challenge all my followers today to take an overhaul of the way you communicate. How are you trying to connect and bond with people in your life and is it in a healthy and expanding energy or are you falling into one of the above traps?

Recover Your Life!

Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell

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Know you were meant to live for more than what is currently in your life?

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