You want this incredible life of pleasure and passion
You desire an abundance of joy and laughter
You want a sensual life that leaves you overflowing

So you go about setting goals and speaking your desires.
You reach for a life of ecstasy!!

However you are going about it all wrong!
You are trying to connect with a fluid and feminine experience through masculine means!

A life of ecstasy will never be found in the masculine. This energy is a feminine energy of feeling, flowing, sensing, and experiencing.

Which means that we first must connect with this desired life of ecstasy from the feminine contained within us all.

If you desire a life of ecstasy then you first must connect to what that FEELS like… what is the sensation?

And if your answer is simply… “good”, “nice”, “fun” then I beg you to dig deeper. Because ecstasy is so much more than “good, fun, nice”.

Ecstasy is breathtaking
Ecstasy is filling and flowing energy
Ecstasy is the goosebumps on your flesh, the feeling of energy radiating through your core, the fluttering in your chest and a million other things!

You must take the time to meditate and embody who you want to be and what you desire in your life in order to pull it into reality.
You must feel into the little nuances. Allowing your spirits to dream and desire.

Then and only then…
Once you have allowed your feminine to seduce these feelings and desires within you…

Then you can begin to utilize your masculine to direct you to the next right step. Then you can use your goal oriented and focused driven mind to create.

Collaborating with the feminine and the masculine to keep the feelings stirring as you get excited for the plans you are making and the steps you are taking to make your desires a reality.

Now it is possible for to manifest this type of life without masculine focused goals…

But in truth most people have too many blocks in their belief system to allow that true and natural flow.

So you’re focused-actionable steps allow you to open up the doors for your desires and ecstasy to enter into your life.
Creating pathways for the energy.

Though if you have first not embodied and envisioned your ideal life of ecstasy…
In your relationships.
In your sex.
In your career.
In your daily experiences.


Then you are making goals and taking steps without have a destination set. You are not setting your destination on the feelings that fill but instead of the lacking material world. Meaning you will miss the mark.

You use the terms desire, want, passion, ecstasy all the time but when was the last time you truly…
And I mean truly…
Connected with what that feels like in your body? What that brings up in your emotions? And what that truly would look like in your very being?

If you want a life of Ecstasy… Desire… Passion…

Then you first must connect with that life in your core.
You must explore the feminine!

Sending you…
Love, Light, & Blessings,

Addison Bell

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