You are locking your own energy down.
There is something in you that is scared to let your energy flow and to truly receive at that deeper level.
The self-made handcuffs feel more comfortable than making a choice to truly release.
And most likely you don’t even realize you are locked down. You have gotten so comfortable sitting in the energy you are currently locked into that you don’t even realize that you wear chains.

And the worst part is that you have placed these chain on yourself. They are chains that YOU as an adult continue to choose to wear each day.
It doesn’t matter what has happened to you in the past. You get to choose to release that stuff and no longer allow it to weigh you down. Maybe you didn’t initially choose the chains but now, in this moment, each and every morning you choose to pick them back up.
And why??
Well, I can’t give you YOUR exact ego excuse but I can tell you that it has to do with fear.
It has to do with you continuing to stay small.
It has to do with you continuing to stay comfortable.
It has to do with you having belief systems around needing your chains.
But it all comes back to fear of some sort.
And if I’m totally honest we all fall into fear and tamping down or constricting our energy in different areas of our lives. Though it’s your blindness to the chains that is the problem. You don’t even see them!!
You can have chains around your sex and keep yourself closed down to the true depths of pleasure. Sure you might get an orgasm here or there…
but are you allowing your partner and the Universe to truly take you in uncontrolled bliss?
You can have chains, like most do, around money and how much you can earn and in what ways you can earn it. A million different beliefs that you have learned along the way and most of them tied straight to your worth!
You can have chains around your play and adventure as an adult. Which our play connects straight to our joy, our passion, and our purpose and thus you close down your true LIVING and experiencing.
You lock your energy down again and again in many areas and it is only through a rewriting of this energy and choosing of different beliefs that you will finally be able to put down the chains that weigh you down.
Though you are scared! And you don’t even know why!
It’s irrational.
You don’t even realize it is there.
You are blind to it.
Blind to the chains and fear weighing down your very existence.
Today I encourage you to go do the work!
The inner work.
Because without you stopping and giving some thought and energy to your life… it will remain unseen.
And you, my sweet soul, will continue to live a constricted life. Never expanding to your full potential. Wondering WHY?
Journal today for every area of your life…
“In what ways am I constricting my own energy? How are my energetic chains currently serving me? Do I choose to release these egoic reasons or hold onto the chains? What will life look like if/when I CHOOSE to release?”
It takes courage to look yourself in the face and see where you are creating your own energetic holdbacks. And it takes courage to release but it only takes a moment. It is simply a decision!
Go be fierce, fiery and fabulous today!!!
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