So… you want energetic o’s!
You hear about the ability for the energy body to take you into unexplored sensations and experiences.
And so you’ve TRIED and TRIED and TRIED
Maybe you’ve had some energy-work sessions
Maybe you’ve read some books and watched some videos
Maybe you’ve been working harder in the bedroom
And now you have just decided that you’re just broken….
Or that you don’t have a partner so it’s impossible
Or maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that energy orgasms just aren’t a “thing”. (Just a bunch of people out there faking!)

But while energetic orgasms can sometimes surprise us, there are a few things that are requirements to truly step into that land… CONSISTENTLY.
The first is the big scary word of surrender.
Without fully surrendering to yourself you will find it difficult to surrender into energetic orgasms. You must surrender to clearing your mind of all the cray chatter and direct it into a surrendering into the body. Allowing your body to quiver, shake, and twitch as it see’s fit.
Though most people are holding their bodies rigid and stiff that the energy won’t flow and they find themselves thinking they are surrendering but not fully dropping into the energetic experiences of the body.
Not just in the bedroom but throughout the day, so the mind/body/spirit gets used to this surrendering process.
That leads me to the next aspect.
No energy movement… no energetic orgasm!
Plain and simple.
If you are expecting some massive energetic o’s while still wearing massive amounts of energetic armor… well you will be waiting a long time. We must have a practice of clear our energy centers so they can flow throughout the body.
Now, we all have blocks but there is a difference between needing to do a quick energy clear and having suitcases of energetic ‘crud’ held in your body.
If you are numbed out to your own energy and have created massive calloused chakras… the first thing is to do some cleansing and clearing. To really start to connect with your energy every single day and just notice how it is flowing and where it is constricted.
This goes a LONG WAY in getting things moving.
Then last but not least…
Stop pushing for an outcome!
The more you fight against your own body and mind to create this energetic experience, the less likely you are to have a chance at achieving one. Why?
Because we can not fight our energy and surrender at the same time.
From first hand experience, I can tell you that energetic orgasm can be a spectacular thing and can allow you to clear and cleanse in a whole new way. Taking your sex and life to a next level. Though it requires you to make friends with yourself and your energy first.
To put in the love of self first!
To not control but allow your energy to flow.
Grab that Fire Within!