Feel the energy. 

Each of us has a unique energy that is wholly unique to us. This energy leaves fingerprints throughout our lives even if it’s not visible. 

Our energies at our cores are high-vibe and have a beauty beyond measure. At our cores we are pure untarnished love. Though throughout our lives our energy will resettle.

This resettling is based upon experiences, others around us, and most important… our thoughts! 

Now our energy is always in a state of flux. We are either moving up or moving downwards.

Last night I had the pleasure of spending time with some people close to my heart. 

Earlier in the evening I had been tuning into my own energy and so it was no surprise that I was more present with the energy than even I normally am. I found it interesting to watch as different people entered or left the room, how the vibe would completely change. 

Also how the low energy would stick in the room like a sludge and take everyone remaining a few moments to shake off. And funnily enough the same was true of the high-vibe moments. They took a few minutes to disperse as the energy was constantly rearranging with each new addition and subtraction. 

Like energetic symphonies being played, as we danced to this energetic symphony, with our thoughts, actions, and words a response to each high and low note being played. 

We are always dancing this dance.

I noticed my energy in a state of flux as well. From laughter and a pushing upwards in energy. To a dropping down as I shared some insecurities.

This is normal to have a level of flux and flow. We need all our range of emotions and vibrations. Our lower vibes provide us with really amazing information. Our high vibes provide us with the ability to feel good and notice we feel good. They allow us to open up even more to our blessings and abundance. Though the contrast is needed to appreciate the entire symphony. 

That being said no one wants to be around someone who is consistently in low vibes. Whether we are energetically aware or not… we notice when these vibrations start to stick to us. It no longer feels good. We feel like we have been covered in a thick sludge that we have to work our way out of in order to get back to our higher vibes. 

I know I’ve been the reason for that energetic sludge.
And if you are honest than you can acknowledge that you have been the reason too at some point.

We all have been there… even if you have pasted a bright smiley face onto the negativity. The energy comes through because energy speaks volumes. 

Though lets not forget that true authentic high vibes also stick to us… if we are open and energetically aligned enough to stand in them. To receive them. 

Like I stated at the beginning though, we all have these unique energies outside of simply high vote/low vibe. 

It is interesting to step into your witness from time to time and watch how the different energies of each soul interact . Some energies will deflect from each other. Some energies are magnetic to each other. Some energies have a sharper dance while others are smoother. Some energies present younger while others older. 

It is an energetic vibrational symphony on many different levels. And it’s beautiful to witness. 

Though what energies are you choosing to bring to the table consistently? I’m not talking about your here and there moments but your more consistent zone of energetic flux. Are you adding vibrations of joy, abundance, play or even calm? OR are you adding sludge like vibes of depression, negativity, and anger?

The wonderful thing is that we get to pick what direction we are choosing to move! By doing our inner work and focusing in on our beliefs/thoughts we get to decide our vibrational fate for that moment, that day, that week, and that lifetime. 

Sending you heart-centered vibes!

Love, Light & Blessings,

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