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Kendals Event: Empowering BITCH-  A Divine Feminine Body Mapping Art Project

January 25, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Empowering BITCH-  A Divine Feminine Body Mapping Art Project

Art Guide for the evening: Kendal Williams

Women are a compilation of several different archetypes (virgin, mother, wild woman, and crone). During this art project we will explore, expand, and celebrate all the true divine feminine archetypes and how each is expressed through the course of our lifetime and within each cycle of deeper awakening . Join us for this fun and creative event of tapping in to your Empowered BITCH

The Empowerment of Body Mapping!

Body Mapping is a powerful tool to see how life experience is stored in your body. In this creative process you will track the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical experience through this powerful art exploration experience.

The body is like a historical archive of your life and a map which can show you your current direction. By paying attention to signs in the physical body you can track what is going on in the more subtle realms of mind, emotion, and spirit.

By making use of meditation, body flow exercises, breathing, music and intention, we come together with what needs to be healed through love and how to embrace these aspects. We discover our purpose and we connect with the inner goddess, the creative muse.

Body mapping gives you the inward tools to use our body as a reliable compass to navigate our lives in a harmonic, sustainable path.

Women need a safe space in which to heal, explore, investigate and learn about their desires and emotions. In this positive space, women will be able to do the deep work on themselves that can empower and affect every aspect of their being. This event will be a combination of deep work through discussion, coaching, creative flow activities and self-exploration; examination of our history, patterns, relationships; education about your beauty; the energy and sexual bodies.


1) Will I be expected to touch myself in front of someone or the group? The only touch happening in this group will be holding of hands or a hug passed between friends. There is no sensual touch happening in the circle.


2) Is there nudity? NO, I do strongly encourage guests to wear comfortable clothes such as yoga clothes. Also because there are often artistic expression exercises wear garments that can get a tad dirty.

3) Is what I share confidential in this circle? Absolutely! All that is discussed and shared in a sacred circle remains in the safety of the circle, that is part of what makes circles so powerful.

All Participants are encouraged to bring:

  • Open heart and mind
  • Pen & journal
  • Cushion for seating (there will be places to sit but in bringing your own cushion we make sure that we have enough space)
  • Food/drink to share (this is a pot-luck style event, share if you like/can)
  • Wear comfy clothing

Woman’s ONLY Function, Sorry Gentlemen…

Plano, TX

Address Given to Registered Attendees

Limited to 15 guests.



Register Here: https://www.tantrictransformation.com/calendar/empowering-bitch-a-divine-feminine-body-mapping-art-project/


January 25, 2020
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm