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Kendal’s Event: Manifest Your Man – 10 Hacks To Manifesting Your Conscious Lover

March 23, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

**This is a Kendal Williams Event**

Conscious Men are hard to come by.

Or are they?

Granted when you think of a conscious man,  you most likely see a man who is spiritually rooted, even enlightened. He cares for his body, he has a way with words. And oh, don’ t forget that smile.

You think about a man who basically has it all going for him and is ever so present in each moment with you.



And you would be correct in this idea of the conscious man.

Conscious men,

are most certainly not perfect. And they know it. This is what makes them conscious. They will say that they are a work in progress.

A conscious man does not try and dominate. He does however know where his power is at and he understands that it stems from his purpose, his focus, his loyalty, his passion and at the same time being grounded.

He values his masculine energy as well as valuing the masculine energy inside of you.

A conscious man values the feminine. He values emotions and does not run from them.

A conscious man can give and receive.

He is responsible fro his actions. His emotions. His life.

He inquires and talks about concepts, ideas, and looks for guidance from within as well as from above.

A conscious man is PRESENT.

A conscious man is TURNED ON to life.

He wants to thrive.

He wants to grow.

and he wants that for you as well.

Sounds great huh?

And he is.

So how do you get yourself one?

That is what this workshop is all about beautiful.

Its about how to attract yourself a conscious man.

In this 3 hour workshop I am going to teach you the 10 hacks that I have learned on how to call in that conscious lover.

How to draw him in,

Attract him quickly and have that relationship that you have been dreaming of.

I should have named this workshop,

Manifest Your Soul Mate

Because that is what will most likely come from it.

You are going to learn about the power of the feminine spirit.

How we women can magnetize conscious lovers into our world with the flick of our hair if we so desire.

In Manifest Your Man, you will learn:

  • How to Attract Your Soul Mate
  • The Power Your Current Relationships Have on Manifesting Your Man
  • Building A Life You Love, Calling In Your Guy
  • Self – Love,  Honor and Being True To Who You Are
  • What Are You Available For?
  • Become  A Spiritual Seductress
  • Mating Calls and Flaunting Yourself
  • Visualize, Visualize and Call him in.
  • Manifesting Love with a Specific Person
  • And Much More.


This is a ladies ONLY workshop.

Small group focused. Limited seating to 20.

Pre-Registration is a MUST.

Come enjoy a mimosa as we enjoy raw authentic sharing in a safe space, to learn how to manifest Your Man. Not just any man, but that Conscious Lover Your Heart and Soul have always desired.

Join us on March 23rd @ 10am-1pm

Yeager Office Suite

550 S. Watters Rd, Allen, Texas 75013

Conference Room # 1

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Kendal Williams
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