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Kendal’s Event- Superwoman Success Secrets Global Training

January 11, 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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Superwoman Success Secrets for Today’s Momprenuers!
65% of stay at home mom’s need and want to work. Sound like you?

This powerful workshop is designed specifically to help mompreneurs make more money while being there for their family and not forgetting about the most important person.


As women, wives, mothers, most o fus have uttered or felt the very exhausted statement, ” A mother’s work is never done.”

Attempting to balance kids, household, work, health, and maintain a connected relationship can be exhausting and stressful.

Often we forget about ourselves.

Making excuses as to why we don’t have time t take care of the most important person.


But in order to have it all and be it all WE MUST do just this.

In this intensive training, Kendal Williams, mother of 7, grandmother of 4 will sharee how she moved from exhausted young stay at home mother of a couple children, to the powerful, full of life momprenuer, author, live-streamer, coach that she is today.

Sharing how she has learned that harmony is the key to a F-ck Yes! Lifestyle,

Where you love the moments and get it all done with time and energy to spare.

Where you can make a six figure or more income doing what you love,

and still get dinner on the table, get to yoga, and snuggle with your babies and travel the world.

If you are ready to level of your life in 2020 and be the real Bad A*s Boss B*tch that you are…

If you are reeady to put yourself first, so that you have the energy and desire without the biurn out and frustration to have the life that you want for…

If you are ready to learn simple life hacks that can set the tone to helping you have a happy, harmonious family, work and love life…

If you are ready to learn ho wto streeam line your life and business so you can have more time, wealth, laughter and connection…

If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level, join us for a training that can change your life:

We’ll talk about MONEY.
We’ll talk about MOTHERHOOD.
We’ll talk about what really MATTERS most and how to create more time for what you want.
Let’s be clear: We’ll do much more than talk. This workshop is more than “mindset” and a step beyond “branding” your business.

You’ll take action on writing out your own customized Superwoman Successs Plan,

Yes mama!

Let me guide you to OWNING YOUR SUPERPOWER.

You more than likely already feel like you have to be superwoman and most likely get called it often but,
do you find yourself struggling for stamina, clarity, creativity, time and or MONEY still?

Feel like this world just tends to eat you up and no one really gets all that you do?

Want to know the secrets that we successful momprenuers have acquired and learned through our mommy careers while building our empires?

That is what I am going to share with you in this intensive global workshop.

In this intensive 2 hour live online training you will:

Explore the 5 challenges for momprenuers today
Learn the 6 Elements to having it all without the stress or exhaustion
Learn how to set up your business schedule to create harmony.
The Importance of Woman First, Family Always & And Other Empire Building Secrets
Create Your 2020 Superwoman Success Plan
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January 11, 2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm