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Oral Intimacies- Discovering More Passion & Play

June 22, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Oral Sex. Blow Jobs, Cunnilingus. Going Down.

 For the first time EVER!!!

If you’re a man then you know that you want it.

If you’re a woman then you may or may not want it…lol

And giving it is a whole other story!

But why do some L-O-V-E giving down on their partners while others are repulsed by it?

 Why do some women actually get wet from the experience of having their man cum in their mouth after teasing him for some time while others are counting down the minutes on the clock till this “act” is over?

Do you want to learn how to give a better blow job or be the type of man that his woman wants to go down on?

Why do some men crave getting a little tongue twisted when going down on their girl and love making her squirm and gush?

Do you want to explore all the techniques that will drive your woman wild or how to be a woman that opens herself up to this next level of intimacy?

Oral sex is not for the receiver but for the giver! Yep, you read that right. You, the giver, are actually the true receiver.

But how can this be possible? What are you actually receiving by giving oral sex to your lover?

This unique and exclusive workshop will give you the skills and understanding to oral sex in a way you both have always desired. During this workshop men and women will learn all about pussy/cock communication and best orgasm strategies.

This is a Co-Ed Seminar 

During the first half of this class we will share with both men and women on the powerful, passionate, playful practices and psychology behind cocks/pussies and our fascination around them and taboos around play with them.


What you will learn about Blow Jobs & Pussy Eating-

  • Learn cock/pussy anatomy
  • All about Semen & Saliva
  • Health Benefits to Women & Men
  • Why Men Want to Cum & Why women don’t want to swallow
  • How to Surrender to Receiving
  • Safe Oral Sex Practices & Communication
  • The Best Blow Job Positions & Why
  • Sucking & Licking Skills for Him
  • Know her Orgasm Symptoms to Maximize Pleasure
  • Deep Throating and the Power of the Sexy Gag
  • Facials
  • The Tip of the Ice Berg- Clit strategies
  • How Oral Sex expands our relationship and increases play and passion
  • Top Tantric Practices for Oral Sex
  • When & What Kind of Toys to Support Oral Play

During the second part of Oral Intimacy singles and couples will find themselves in a small group environment that is sensual, fun, educational and all about practical play.


Created for both the novice as well as the experienced, to enhance your ability to have the desire begin with YOU and create TRUE sexual intelligence.


During this session you will be provided tools to explore all the techniques that were presented. (Lab is always optional) (There is no nudity during this class)


But we are not just going to leave you hanging there. Unsure how to put it all into practice…


We will show you step by step the moves that make up a masterful blow job and pussy eating session that will bring both you and your partner to pleasure.


More than just skills, this workshop takes you to a deeper level of oral and intimate play. It will deliver you to a place where YOUR passion, YOUR play, YOUR desire and YOUR pleasure are center stage.


*Workshop open to participants 18yrs+


*Live Lab portion

*There is no nudity or touching in workshop

*No filming allowed ( all wearable’s i.e. google glass are NOT permitted in the workshops or building)

*Waivers must be signed before class.

*All pricing is based on educational material – i.e. PDF that is emailed after class, class materials and seminar.


Oral Intimacy: Discovering More Passion & Play

A Practical Play Workshop

June 22

12pm to 4pm

REGISTER HERE – Session Seating Limited to 40 people


Oral Intimacies Class ( Co-ED)


June 22, 2019
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Kendal Williams
View Organizer Website


Velvet Curtain
1825 S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, Texas 75226 + Google Map