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Tantric Ladder to Love- Couples Workshop (Kendal’s Event)

June 27, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Wonderlust event’s and workshops are designed to be fun, educational, interactive and healing. Kendal’s dedication to couple’s relationship healing, growth and expansion is revealed in each new development and the depth of commitment and sharing experienced during each workshop is unsurpassed.

“Tantra ladder to Love” has been developed with the intent to advance a couple through multiple steps of relationship evolution. Perfect for new relationships that want to experience a deeper connection and understanding from the beginning to the 20+ year relationship that is looking to reconnect and ignite what they may feel is dwindling away.

Experience sexual healing, a birthing of sacred relationship and feel a greater depth of self love and appreciation for life itself.


Join this sensual learning experience with your partner.

This is a 5 Level VIP Day Expereince covers:

  • Level 1- Awakening Heart & Emotions:

Discover how you can raise your sexual energies and guide conscious pleasure
throughout your whole being. Using tantric practices, meditation, breath-work, sound
and movement you will explore the healing of communication in this eye opening
intimacy training and connection workshop. The foundation to the following workshop
level’s and to awakening to a new paradigm in your relationship.

 Sharing intentions, boundaries and fears

 Communication skills to build greater trust and intimacy

 Discovering and removing blockages in your relationship and sex life

 Opening your heart

 Safe sensual touch

 Soul eye gazing & yab yum

  • Level 2-Sensual Development:

Learn to increase pleasure between you and your partner through expanded lovemaking techniques. Learn the keys to sexual arousal, multiple orgasms for men and women, the many forms of orgasm, taboo sexual spots that add spice and more.

 How to slow down in lovemaking

 Sensual breath increasing connection and pleasure  Sexual connection and presence

 Sexual anatomy

 The 3 main female orgasm’s G-spot, clitorial and cervical

 Using toys for spice

 Self pleasuring

 Ejaculatory choice

  • Level 3- Sacred Sensual Touch – Massage:

Increase your erotic palette and openness as well learning the ancient art of tantric massage!

Discover bliss in pleasing your partner through relaxation and sensual tantric touch at the same time. Using conscious touch you learn how to pleasure, heal and intensify your lovers experience as well as your own. Learn first by watching a demonstration then by practicing on your partner.

 Awaken the senses

 Connecting in intimacy with conscious touch

 Sexual and erotic touch

 Awakening breath

 Yoni and lingam strokes

 Learn about full body orgasm

 Live demo of Energetic Orgasm

  • Level 4- Mastery of Your Love Making:

This month’s workshop opens up a new level of sexual mastery in your lovemaking by teaching advanced tantric knowledge and relationship sharing and how it can transform and catapult your relationship to levels that you may never thought possible. Learn the powerful tips and exercises a new create deeper intimacy, connection and spice in your relationship.
 Healing through sex

 Kama sutra

 Female ejaculation

 Sacred spot for men

 Fantasy and role play

 Alternative relationships (open or poly-life) and sexuality

 Sacred Cuddle Party

  • Level 5-Sacred Tantric Puja – Integration of what you have learned 

Enjoy erotic play and connection of all levels with like minded extraordinary gentlemen and goddesses, dress in your sensual clothing, lounge in the sacred space. Tasting yummie treats and energy awakening tonics. This workshop event is for every level, learning to be in love with yourself and your lover while remaining comfortable and centered in your relationship, boundaries and openness with others around or sharing your love with them in whatever style you are wanting. A beautiful testing lab for those couple’s who have advanced into an expanded relationship and want to safely feel their individual and couple boundaries.
 Explore evolved relationships

 Communication and boundaries

 Sharing your love

 Tantric feast – potluck ( bring a dish to share,  Rosewater and fruit will be provided)

 Dynamics of loving more


“Both my husband and I were shocked at how connected we felt in our session and after. We saw the importance of leaning how to relate at this new level and how sacred tantric work and fantasy play could deepen our marriage.”

— Kim and Dave M. Dallas, TX

“We are looking forward to learning more about everything. We have been connecting tremendously since this VIP event. We’re tapping into parts of ourselves that we didn’t know were there. Thanks for your help with everything. ”

–Paul and Debra Coones, Arlington, TX

“All couples should get this sort of training before they get married. This would have made our relationship so much more connected and loving through the years had we known this stuff.” –Terri & Jon Mathews, Waco, TX

Date June 27th, 2020 @ Noon to 6pm

This event is LIMITED to SIX(6) COUPLES.

*Couples will remain partnered with each other.

*This workshop is focused on building intimacy for couples. There is a live demoonstration on a model that is under garments.

*Couples are asked to wear comfortable clothing such as yoga clothes, but to make sure to bring or wear a two piece swim suit or under garments for the sensaul massage pieces. Nudity is not madatory for this workshop and there is NO sexual engagement happening in class.

* We are adhearing to all COVID-19 safety practices at this time. Hand sanitizer will be required at time of workshop start. Masks are not mandatory but if you desire to use them you may. Safe distancing is kept for all students.

*There is a meal and open discussion break time and this event is a POTLUCK event for the final segment “Tantric Feast” – Waters, Rosewater and fruit will be provided.

Investment: SAVE BIG NOW!

$ 295/per couple Early Bird by June 20th, 2020

After June 20th:  $495 per couple.

Location is a private residence in Plano.

8005 Greenwood Drive, Plano. TX

*Registraion will be sent to the email that you pay with via paypal. If you want it sent to another email contact Kendal direct at tantrictransformation@gmail.com



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June 27, 2020
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm