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The Sensory of Connection Experience (In-Person Event)

October 22, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Something that we crave down to our very cores as human.

We keep our lives BUSY. Leading to overworking minds, disconnected depthless relationships, and breaking away from who we are on a deeper level. Even if we are in romantic relationships we hold ourselves back from allowing ourselves to simply BE who we are in the moment. Many don’t even know what their most authentic self looks like beneath the mask.

We all want to feel seen and felt at a deeper level. We crave a simple touch, a real gaze, a heartfelt listen.

Surface level connections DO NOT fill the deepest human desires.

What even are your deeper desires? What does your mind crave? Your body? Your spirit?


What if you allowed yourself to enter a space where you could settle into yourself and gain pieces of the connection you crave?

What if you got to see the deeper layers of another human being?

What if you could discover the things that holds you back from creating a wholehearted connection in your daily life?


The Sensory of Connection Experience is an experiential workshop where we will be walking through several expansive practices to get more embodied and more connected. Its a space for you to be fully and entirely you.

We will walk through several exercises to first integrate within yourself and then move to partner work to feel and experience deeper connections. Feeling your body, your mind, your heart energy and your sexual energy, along with exploring holdbacks. There is nothing but you and your connection to the other beautiful souls around you from a purely energetic level. 

(Non-sexual connections only)


You will experience:

  • Practices of non-sexual touch and embodiment (with self or coupled)
  • Experiencing how to feel others energy
  • Alignment within your chakras to create deeper sensation
  • Expansion of your inner world
  • Allowing yourself to be “seen” in a new way and a way to “see” others
  • Have a deep presence level in your body
  • Discovery of new sensations and feelings
  • Exploration of holdbacks in daily connections


This is a SOLO or PARTNERED workshop. No sexual touching is allowed at this event!!!!


This is a small group event and has limited seating.


Cost is $45- Singles $80- Couples!

Sensory Event


October 22, 2022
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm


Kendal & Addison’s Office
8005 Greenwood Drive
Plano, TX 75025 United States
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