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The Sensory of Silence Experience (In-Person Tantric Event)

September 11, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm




In our current world, it is hard to find a space of internal or external silence.


We keep our lives NOISY. Leading to overworking minds, disconnected depthless relationships, and breaking away from who we are on a deeper level.


This is true in our quiet meditations to our romps in the bedroom.

Noise, noise, and more noise.


But wouldn’t it be nice to slow down and step into not just silence but connective silence.

A silence of togetherness!


To be touched without words or explanations

To be seen at a deeper level

To feel at a deeper level 

To meet someone else from a energetic level and not the ego!


There is no need to talk or explain anything. There is nothing but you and your connection to the other beautiful souls around you from a purely energetic level.


The Sensory of Silence Experience is an experiential workshop where we will be walking through several expansive practices to get more embodied and more connected. We will walk through several exercises to first integrate within yourself and then move to partner work to feel and experience deeper connections. Feeling your body, your mind, your heart energy and your sexual energy, along with your holdbacks. 


You will experience:

  • Practices of non-sexual touch and embodiment
  • True energy and the power it has on those around you
  • An alignment within each chakra
  • Expansion of your inner world
  • Allowing yourself to be “seen” in a new way and a way to “see” others
  • Have a deep presence level in your body


And it will all be done SILENTLY!!


(outside of brief directions from leader)


This is a SOLO to PARTNERED workshop… meaning that you will start it solo and then if you do not come partnered then you will be given a partner. If you come with a partner then you will remain with this partner for partner practices. No sexual touching!!!!


Cost is $55- Singles $85- Couples!


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September 11, 2021
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm