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The Sensory of Connection Experience (In-Person Event)

Kendal & Addison's Office 8005 Greenwood Drive, Plano

Connection…. Something that we crave down to our very cores as human. We keep our lives BUSY. Leading to overworking minds, disconnected depthless relationships, and breaking away from who we are on a deeper level. Even if we are in romantic relationships we hold ourselves back from allowing ourselves to simply BE who we are […]

Oral Intimacies- Discovering More Passion & Play (6th Annual Event)

  Oral Sex. Blow Jobs, Cunnilingus. Going Down.  Join Us For This Juicy Workshop. If you’re a man then you know that you want it. If you’re a woman then you may or may not want it…lol And giving it is a whole other story! But why do some L-O-V-E giving down on their partners […]