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Oral Intimacies- Discovering More Passion & Play (6th Annual Event)

  Oral Sex. Blow Jobs, Cunnilingus. Going Down.  Join Us For This Juicy Workshop. If you’re a man then you know that you want it. If you’re a woman then you may or may not want it…lol And giving it is a whole other story! But why do some L-O-V-E giving down on their partners […]

Tantric Energy Reboot – VIP Day 2022

Energy is Everything!- 5th Annual Reboot   In this intensive VIP Day you will learn the ancient secrets of real tantric energy flow. The word tantra means to weave and in this workshop you will be gifted the tools to weave together all aspects of your life so that you can fully embody self and […]

Expressive Art Project: “Pieces”- Owning the Beauty & Complexity of YOU

Kendal & Addison's Office 8005 Greenwood Drive, Plano

Expansive Art Project: “Pieces”- Owning the Beauty & Complexity of You Art Guide for the event: Addison Bell We all are built of many pieces that are unique to our soul, our experiences, and our purpose. In order to feel fully complete we must discover how to put these beautiful pieces together into the beauty […]