Yesterday… and actually into the wee hours of this morning I was working on a task I had happily agreed to do for a friend. 

In the middle of the task I found myself overcome with joy for this person and for being able to witness their growth, and really more transformation. It was an incredibly powerful moment and one that spoke so boldly of the human spirit… and specifically this beautiful resilient spirit. I felt honored to watch the transformation! 

When I awoke this morning I was still filled with this feeling but realized how difficult it would be for me to do this same exact thing for self. Yeah sure I could look over the last year and see some changes and things that I’ve grown into but I don’t think it would be quite so profound. 

See when we are the one’s doing the transforming it can be harder to see until further down the road. Though at the same time there are always those internal changes that you and you alone can tune into and tap into. 

As humans, and especially humans living in our current society, it is much easier to focus in on all the things we haven’t accomplished or perceived negative aspects of self. More in our face the times we have fallen down than all the times we have actually stood back up and stood back up taller than before. 

It can be super easy to look at a friend, child, or other loved, when they have been really opening themselves up to growth, to notice all the amazing ways they are changing, expanding, and shining their light! 

My soul sings and does a half-time dance when I see someone I care about truly shining bright…

Though if I’m fully honest with myself….
And I bet if you are fully honest with yourself…

You don’t take the time to do that same singing and half-time dance for self.

Even if you are engaging in self-love and taking time to notice the good things you are doing. It is more than likely you aren’t truly diving into the true radiance of your light and transformation. It is likely you are not stopping to truly admire and appreciate all the heart and passion you are putting into life. 

You are instead dimming it down! 
Focusing on what you haven’t done, aren’t doing, should be doing, and all the areas you have gone wrong. Potentially even pushing all your transformation or growth onto some randomness. Not owning it. Not claiming it. And thus not calling more in!

Where are you shining bright?
Where are you showing up?
Where is that transformation still budding inside of you?

I’m not saying don’t have desires for more transformation! 

I mean take the example of looking at a child that had a beautiful year of growth…would you say, “Okay, you don’t have to keep growing! You can stay 3 ft for the remainder of your life and never learn how to read”… I would hope not!

Well, the same goes for you. 
You can acknowledge what a Bad** you are are still want to do even more. Actually the truth is that the more you claim your light then the more light and desires you will have…the more transformation you will have. 

Tonight take a second and simply close your eyes…
Hand over your heart…
And look at yourself the way you would a friend, child or loved one….

Where can you give yourself true love and acknowledgement?
Own it!
Share it with someone else close to you!
And maybe take a second as this year is ending and acknowledge the same in someone else that you have seen really step up this year! 

We all need to hear it from time to time. 

Sending out more love is never wasted!

Keep shining bright my heart-centered Badasses!

Light, Light, & Blessings!