Our bodies are the vehicles in which we move through our lives.


Though when we are not LOVING and NOURISHING our beautiful physical bodies


We do immense damage to how much we can LOVE and NOURISH ourselves at all levels of health.


When we restrict or deprive ourselves at a base level… we restrict our souls

When we binge or fill ourselves with all that is unneeded… we clog up our souls


This isn’t just about food!

In our current society it is the norm to restrict ourselves from true love, true fulfillment, true purpose, and our true souls.

Yet we binge on negative thoughts, self-hatred, social media, gossip, and anything that will keep a barrier up from us feeling and living a life of true EXPANSION!

If you are wanting to integrate all aspects of yourself and live what I would consider a truly tantric life. Meaning that you want to weave together your mind, body, and soul.


If you dream of living a life you love…

In a body you not only accept but adore…

With a mind and vibrance that keeps you excited for the day


Then you are ready to be an Expansion Warrior and dive into your beautiful vibrance!


With this type of coaching we will focus in on your relationship with your entire self. Meaning we will work through expanding into self-love with your body. Look into your base beliefs regarding who you are, where you are headed, and get rid of any “junk” belief systems you’ve picked up along the way. Also, learning to quiet the mind in order to really tune into your soul goals. Walking down the true path of expansion!


“But I’m scared”

I get it! This can be a scary jump for many people. I can promise that you won’t say anything that will shock me and although there will be laughter in sessions I will never laugh at your problems. I work with where you are NOW and so we can go as fast or slow as you need in this process ?

Get started on your Expansion into Healthy Mind, Body, & Soul: APPLICATION 


In Office, Video, or Phone


*** Please note: Addison is offering Coaching & Metaphysical practices and not Counseling or Therapy. ***