What is Tantra?

“Tantra” is… to manifest, to expand, to show and to weave”

People hear the word Tantra and immediately think…SEX. This is not the true nature of tantra and this word has been skewed by our culture today.

Tantra is weaved into all my sessions because I truly believe in connecting with one’s body, in honoring one’s self, and for using the “sexual energy”, otherwise known as Kundalini energy to weave together our whole life experience. I believe that we all are unique and have beautiful gifts to share with the world and these gifts are best expressed when we are in touch with our hearts, bodies, souls, and our energy.

In tantric coaching sessions we aim to weave together the physical, spiritual, and emotional. Tantric Sessions are all about the full embodiment of our spirits and honoring/worshipping ourselves as  we are. This is done through the use of the physical body in a variety of ways. Sessions can progress in a multitude of different fashions depending on the needs of the client (breath-work, energy work, sensation play, worshipping ceremonies, etc).

When we begin to weave our lives together then we get… An Expansive Life!!

What is the Expansive Life?

Living an Expansive life is all about your life, your terms, and a high vibe energy that encapsulates everything. The truly expansive life does not take anything out of the equation and deals with our emotions, sexing, relationships, manifesting, and play. The Expansive life is one that you define but is you living your authentic and honest truth. A person in true expansion is able to tap into the beauty and gratitude of life and all it’s little complexities, being in the present moment and yet having a passion towards the future. An expansion warrior wakes up excited for the day to begin and excited to see all the beautiful blessings that are awaiting them…they live their lives fully. They also recognize that their emotions, sexuality, relationship, career, and spirit are all intertwined. A true expansive life is one where you are able to be YOU all the time no matter what area of your life you are dealing with.

To live the expansive life requires you to give things up…

  • To give up your Ego’s excuses of not being good enough
  • To give up your playing small
  • To give up all the beliefs that are holding you back
  • To give up holding your own pleasure at arms-length
  • To give up living for appearance and to please everyone outside of yourself
  • To give up your ideas of being able to separate your life into little boxes instead of relying on your authentic and natural flow.
  • To give up living for the weekend or the end of the work day
  • To give up the self-sabotage and low self-worth
  • To give up putting your life off for tomorrow!

Instead insert… Joy, Gratitude, Faith, Authenticity, and Purpose & Overarching Expansion energy!

Sex is meant to be…. Magic, Spiritual, Connective, Pleasurable, Life Creating 

….When Sex is Expansive, Life is Expansive!

Relationships are…. Mirrors to ourselves, Life sustaining, Joyful, Growth Inducing

….Humans are meant to be in relationship!

Our Bodies are… To be Cherished, Enjoyed, Pleasurable, and an extension our our SOULS

….When out bodies are in alignment WE are in alignment

Careers are meant to… Be a pure expression of our PASSION, our BLISS, and bring PURPOSE!

….Each human has Unique gifts for the World 

OUR LIVES… are meant to be Amazing, Abundant, & Blessed


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