A life lived in passion and purpose is an expansive and abundant life.

Our passion and deeper purpose is our driving force in all we do, and so when we find this is missing in our lives we oftentimes feel empty and as if we are just floating through our lives without making an impact.


When we want to manifest anything in our lives… money, relationship, love, a lifestyle. We first must have passion! We must feel our lives have a greater purpose.


When we are aligned with our purpose then we feel passionate. Our days are consumed with more excitement, joy, and an overarching feeling of expansiveness.




Most people today walk through their busy lives feeling like they are lacking true purpose. They desire to let their deeper self out and be seen but yet they hold themselves back…

Out of fear!

Out of scarcity thinking!

Out of not feeling passionate!


Most people are lacking in that deeper passion for life. Living not quite in a state of depression but still feeling the mundane drain of each and every day. Desiring to feel intense passion towards their lives and yet continuing to struggle to tune in.


Are you one of these people?


In truth, most of us end up here at some point in our lives, I know I’ve found myself in a dispassionate place and having veered off my purpose a time or two,  but the difference between those that stay in the doldrums of life and those that choose to soar is simply a decision.

EXPANSION WARRIORS make a decision to take steps to tap into their passion in a deeper and more meaningful way.


Its about finding your soul aligned purpose and chasing that purpose forward.


How do you know my purpose?

But how so I REALLY know if it’s my purpose?

How do you find more passion?

What about all the insecurities I have around stepping into my purpose


Just a few questions people will ask me!

And I love seeing people find these answer and so much more in my coaching.


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