My services are a structured blend of healing through discussion, Presence work /Body Meditations, True Tantra Sessions, and Art Exploration.  It specifically works to help woman and men to break down barriers of shame, look at self-destructive beliefs, provides a safe place to discuss sex/relationships/body, while allowing you to naturally reenergize your system. Through this program you will be able to experience a powerful transformations of your heart, body, and mind.

Healing Modalities

Coaching: Have someone there who understands exactly where you are on your journey. Know that through this intensive, intuitive based coaching you are held in full acceptance and love. You are able to share what you need and have the sounding board that you desire for your most private matters. You will learn powerful practices to help you overcome negative thinking, sabotaging programs and limiting beliefs. Heal shame and comparison and learn to live again. Reenergize your sex, relationships, and your soul. 

True Tantra Session– Allows you to reconnect with your body and sexuality in a real-life way without the pressure of pleasing a partner. Allow yourself to simply relax into the invigorating energy that is created throughout these session. These sessions are where we integrate breathing techniques with energetics and Reiki. To learn more about these session offerings fill out the application at

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Also to learn more about orgasmic energy see my article: “Orgasm, Orgasmic Energy, and Living an Orgasmic Life”.

To learn more about what Tantra is please see page: What is Tantra? 

*There is no sexual union happening during sessions. Addison does not have sex with her clients*

Presence Work & Body Meditation– Our bodies hold many stories and tapping into these stories can provide us with unlimited lessons. This process allows you to learn to tune into your bodies needs & desires. This is done through a series of breathing, meditation, and mirror work. Focus will be on education and practice in session.

Art Exploration–  Art allows us to use a different part of our brains and connect deeply with our internal states. You don’t have to be an artist to participate in these sessions! The purpose is not on the outcome of the art but instead on bringing greater awareness to your inner self, goals, and desires. Art exploration sessions can include sessions such as Body Tracings, Body Mapping, Sexual Connection Mapping, and Sexual Energy artwork.

 Program Options That Fit Your Needs! 

*Session packages are created to suite the needs of each client.


Packages available:

  • Solo Sessions
  • A) 3 hours of modality blended coaching.
    B) 6 hours of modality blended coaching.
    C) 12 hours of modality blended coaching.

    D) 18 hours of modality blended coaching

Here’s an example of what your Blended Coaching may look like…

John Doe’s Coaching Package: 6 coaching + 1 Art exploration + 1 Presence Work Session + 2 True Tantra Session & Access to free support via Text/Email (12+ hrs of healing)


Make Sure to Read my FAQ page 

*Packages may change depending on the needs of each individual client

*Please note: This is NOT therapy and is a spiritual/energetic practice*

*Payment options are available upon request.
*All applications and sessions are held to confidentiality standards
*All Sessions- Coaching are invoiced via email (unless another form has been agreed upon). These sessions are invoiced as ABT Coaching Level ___ or Consult.


** Refund Policy