Explore the energies. Dive deep

As I drove home from my co-led Tantra workshop today I sat with the thoughts of each and every energy in the room (seen and unseen). And also the ebb and flow of these energies throughout the workshop… including my own. 

It is always interesting to see how certain people’s energies connect. While others repel. Certain people’s energies bring laughter. While other energies bring a calmness.

And to just witness and feel the collective energy of a room transform throughout a workshop can be breathtaking. 

The same goes for witnessing the energy within

For example, I witnessed my own internal energy overly grounded, to ungrounded, to all focused in my hands & genitals, to being drawn into my heart, and then to certain other energies in the room. A literal whirlwind when mixed with other energies from the last 36hrs. 

Our lives are energy! We are energy. The people around us are energy. And even the very thing you are currently sitting on and the clothes you are wearing are energy. 

We live in an energetic world. 

When we don’t tune into these energies we miss a world of information. We miss vital information about ourselves, our energetic pulls, where we are repelled, what feels good, what doesn’t feel good. Without this energy we lost vital messages our souls are providing us. 

Now it can be easier to ignore the energy but then you will find yourself being bounced around your life with no direction or underlying understanding of why? 

And you will end up living a life fully from your head. Not connected to your body… because body connection requires you to tune into a level of energy. And disconnected from your emotions because yet again this requires connecting to energy. 

Also, any desire to have a successful relationship of any kind will require you to first connect with self and then connect with other. If we are unable to connect with self then we won’t be able to effectively process our energy with another. 

We can either fight with energy and close ourselves off to it’s offerings… and thus still experience it unconsciously! Getting unknowingly tossed this way and that…

Or we can begin to make it a practice and intent to tune in more… leading us down a beautiful path of opening and discovery. 

It is almost like a game!
Go into a room and ask yourself where you are drawn? Where are you feeling constricted? What energy makes you giddy or playful? What energy makes you feel safe?

Then what in your energy are people reacting too? What energies are you experiencing within that could be drawing people to you or away from you?
Where are you possibly taking on or absorbing others energies?

Though energy can be fun to dive deep into and explore. The more you truly “play”, notice, and feel into the different energies in your life the more juicy it becomes. The more energetic playing you do the more you dive deeper into self and recognition of who you are in your world. And thus you get to connect with people at a different level and finding a depth in recognizing their subtle energies. 

Now all this being said and that doesn’t mean we always have to be open to playing with different energies. Sometimes in all reality we need to keep our focus only on our own energy and processing through. 

This is hose times when you become energetically overwhelmed and need to clear, need to get realigned, or need to simply process. 

The focus though always comes back to self. Noticing where you own energy is and thus experiencing your world through these energies. 

Diving deep into the energy so you can dive deeper into your life!

Sending you all loving energy!

Love, Light, & Blessings,