Tantra is not about Sex!
You can’t practice tantra without it!
Sex is never the true focus point of tantra as a practice.
Though as we connect with our energy and begin to weave our lives together, there is no way to avoid our sex and still be a full and complete person.

Our sexual energy and the act of engaging with our sex is vital to living a connected life.
Our sexual center also incorporates our
Without these things we are living a half-life.
Yet when so many talk about tantra they believe tantra is only about sex and relationship.
If we are only focusing on the sexual principles of tantra then we are not going to be able to truly tap into our orgasmic potential and connective potential.
Because we are not integrating our heart centers, our intuitive centers, grounding energies, etc.
We are not weaving together our sex with our food, relationships, careers, meditation practice, and spiritual practice.
Those that are only looking to tune into tantra from only a sexual standpoint will always FAIL!
Though the opposite is also true.
In our society and in many religious practices we try to cherry-pick our sexuality out or box it in.
And yet we wonder why we never feel truly connected…
To self
To spirit
To God
To relationships
And why we never can fully feel filled with joy, passion, and excitement.
We also cut off our very power and connection to self.
So tantra is NOT about sex
But without SEX we can never be complete!
Where are you not integrating your whole being?
Where could you step deeper into integration today?
I challenge you to do this journal prompt:
“If I was fully integrated today it would feel like, be like, and my life would look like…”
If you want to grow as a human being then YOU need tantric sessions. In today’s society we do not go through life without shame, energy depletion, and some form of trauma. Our bodies, mind, and spirits are in need of integration and a way to lean into our deeper selves. Tantra allows us to find this depth and explore it in an expansive way.
This program is broken up into 4 or 8 session series where you will be guided through a multitude of different sessions to expand. You will leave this program feeling lighter in energy but more connected to self as we clear blocks and reawaken energies.
Some specific benefits to sign up for the Expansive Tantric Coaching Program:
Reconnecting with Your Body
Release stored Trauma & Emotions
Focus on Yourself
Expand your Orgasmic Potential
Experience Sacred Space
No Judgment And its Vegas!
There are many benefits of Tantra, and I have seen it truly change people’s lives and relationships.
Inquire with Addison for more information regarding sessions.