F*ck Your Dreams the Way You Should Be F*cking Your Woman (Or Like to be F*cked)

I’m having some amazingly juicy and yummy sex.
It’s feeling good and I am totally aroused.
My body is surrendering to the sensations overtaking my body as I head towards a peak.

There is no need to verbalize in this moment because my body and the tremors are speaking loud and clear about where I am at.

He is doing all the right things as my pelvic muscles start rolling and I’m being transported into a pure state of bliss … and then…and then…

He stops moving.

OMG!!! ??

I go from in pure bliss to…
I’m going to kill him!!!!

“WHY DID YOU STOP???”, I ask.

He told me that he thought I had climaxed and was “finished”.

If he had simply stayed with me and kept going then I would have released a whole new level of juicy chemicals and sensations


It would have led to a greater deeper orgasm a few moments later after I had surfed that particular wave. Built those moments of pleasure one after the other for potentially hours.

Instead, he felt my climax but dropped the whole fucking orgasm on the floor.

So why tell you about this moment in my sexing?

#1- Most turned-on women can relate to this moment and many men have done it!

And Even More Importantly…

#2- This is how most people are with their dreams and goals.

You could have this amazing orgasmic experience in your life and in your manifestations where you are flooded with beauty and bliss beyond your wildest dreams.

You could have the waves keep flooding and the continued movement taking you even deeper and to more mind-blowing places.

But you choose to get a tiny taste and stop. You stop right at the very moment when your blessings are SERIOUSLY right there in front of you.

You stop fucking your own dreams right in climax!!!

You get scared
You get tired
You try to overly control
You just get lazy!

You say you want this massive abundance but you see even a morsel and either choose to settle for less or you get scared and back away.

In truth, most of us back away from our orgasm in the bedroom all the time and we will back away from our partners deeper bliss as well. It’s too vulnerable. To scary. To deep. And too out of control.

Most do it unconsciously!

So if you are sitting there and thinking…
“I have never backed away from my own orgasm/partner’s orgasm”

Then you might need to become a bit more conscious because we ALL do this.

By keeping things small and depthless or by running once it’s deep.

In your life outside the bedroom, you claim to want all this bliss and blessings but you get fearful of your own success just like you run from the orgasm

If you were to truly lean into things then it wouldn’t be a kiddie wave but instead, you would be surfing the most magnificent wave that reaches to the heavens….

But you don’t think you can handle such a big wave!
Do you really have the knowledge?
Are you really worthy?
Maybe you’re not ready to cut ties with these other areas of your life out of scarcity mindset?

I mean isn’t it better to get something than to risk getting nothing?

And I mean you’ve worked hard… and you’re tired!

So you take the small wave or abandon your dreams right at the peak.

Well, I want to tell you to start f*cking your dreams like you need to be fucking your woman. Or if you are a woman then how you would like to be fucked.

You don’t have to “work for it”.
You don’t have to go really hard

You just have to stick with it. Allow it to open and keep stoking the fires.
And then yes…


Keep your momentum pushing forward and your spirit open even when the orgasm of your dreams seems to be on it’s way down…

Because you might surprise yourself and instead be catapulted into even more bliss.

It’s about the forward movement and not giving up as soon as you get a tiny bit of pleasure and bliss.

It’s about tuning into yourself and leaning into what feels good in the moment and gets the energy expanding to all areas of your life… not simply your one little bitty manifestation.

Because our lives aren’t about achieving one momentary climax. NO!!!

It’s about the true on-going orgasm and all the yummy sensations that arise along the way.

It’s about staying connected to your “partner” of your dreams and goals and following the energy through.

Sometimes speeding up…
Sometimes slowing down…
Sometimes going gently…
Sometimes going like a wild animal!

It’s listening to the energy and no leaning into the fear and dropping something that is still HOT right in the peak.


Go forth and fuck your dreams ….like a man fucking his woman through the most beautiful mindblowing rapturous orgasm of their life!

Sending you all…

Love, Light, Blessings
A whole lot of orgasm


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