Each bite is like tasting heaven.
Each swallow connects me deeper with the yummy sensations of my body
I savor every morsel I place in my mouth like I am having a great love affair with my food!

Yes, I have a deeply passionate experience when I eat.

Why? You might ask?
Because I know how I eat is how I sex, and also how I live!

I know that I can have fiery energy radiating through my body with the simplest bite of a piece of chocolate or the sip of a glass of wine.
It awakens my spirit, my body, and yes my sex.

There is a reason that they say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… because it is true. And the same goes for being a way to your sex.

I adore devouring my food like I devour a lover.
Placing it in my mouth, smelling, tasting, and feeling the texture within my mouth. Then taking the nourishment of my body and soul deeper within me. While feeling my energy rise.

And the truth is I want my lover to devour me in the same sense. Savoring every single moment with my body. Enjoying every yummy moment!

Food reminds us of how we not only sex but also how we live. The way we approach food shows us how we approach life. The way we approach food shows us where we are restricting our own pleasure and where we are not mindfully indulging in our pleasures. Where we are bingeing on things that are unhealthy for us!

Or it can show how we are in alignment with our hearts, our souls, our spirits, and bring us DEEPER into our pleasure.

I can make love to a strawberry just like I make love to my lovers body.
I can take in a sip of wine just like I take my lover deep within my yoni.
I can orgasm from a bite of chocolate and be taken to a heavenly place just like when the pulsing sensations of sexual energy rise up my chakras amidst orgasm generating from my genitals.

It’s about where you allow and disallow yourself.
Are you willing to FULLY TAKE your pleasure?
Or will you continue to confine it to moments here and there?

And why not use your food to help arouse the energies for some F*CKING PHENOMENAL SEXING!

Love, Light, & Blessings,


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